Titeflex Corporation: The Turnaroud Challenge

Company Overview: Titeflex

Founded in 1916 by Westinghouse Corporation. Earlier products, flexible hoses made either from metal or natural rubber. Later shifted its emphasis to shielded metal con­duits.
In the late 1950s, Titeflex began developing metal hose products with inner cores made of Teflon for use in fuel and oil systems in jet engines.
In 1971, Titeflex reentered the industrial hose market, and, in 1978, the automotive market.
In 1978, Bundy Corporation added Titeflex to its Performance Plastics Group.
On December 1, 1988, Jon H. Simpson has been made president of Titeflex Corporation, a firm that sold S45 million worth of high-performance hoses to the aerospace, industrial, and automotive sectors, already been acquired by England based Tube Investment.

 Existing Product, Sales and Market Overview: Titeflex

Tite­flex had a reputation for producing “pricey” products of excellent quality. A total of 100,000 different hoses varying in size, shape, fittings, and type of protective sleeving were offered by Titeflex. Customers for these hoses were concentrated in three mar­ket segments- Aerospace, Industrial and Automotive.

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