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Financial Assistance for Students

Financial Aid is monetary assistance from institutional, governmental, or private source that is available to assist students in affording educational costs. This financial aid could be in the form of academic scholarships, tuition waiver, study loans, and student employment.

Yes! Financial Aid is available at NSU to help you pay your university costs.

How you will pay for your education is sometimes an important part of deciding which institution you will attend. The Financial Aid Office of North South University understands that you and your family have been planning a lifetime for your future career. We also understand that many families need help for filling in the gap between what they can afford and the resources needed to pay university education costs. NSU attaches a high priority to financial aid and the university has a standing commitment to meet the financial need of eligible students. The comprehensive FINANCIAL AID PROGRAM of North South University is administered by a high-powered Financial Assistance Committee generally consists of panel of BOT members.

The NSU student aid program, which encouraged the students to apply for monetary help if they believe that they will need assistance in order to attend North South University. The financial aid office is presently consists of 3 members with a Deputy Director as Head of the office, started its operation from 1993 being responsible for corresponding, coordinating and organizing the overall FINANCIAL AID PROGRAM to the students. A total of 1040 students have been granted full/partial tuition waiver in Spring 2014 semester. Out of which, 287 students granted full (100%) waiver, 69 students 75%, 206 students enjoyed 50% and 478 students 25% tuition waiver. Apart from this, 230 Teaching Assistants (on campus student employment) have also been paid Tk. 39.08 lac in Fall 2013 based on campus student employment, which altogether stands Tk. 1.02 Crore as Financial Assistance only in Fall 2013 semester. In the way to help needy and meritorious students and for the socioeconomic development of the country, NSU has disbursed a significant amount of Tk. 43.10 crore as financial assistance since inception to Fall 2013 semester.

What Types of Aid are available at North South University?

Financial aid reflects the University’s commitment to a student community that is broadly diverse in terms of race, geography, gender, special skills and talent. NSU offers Financial Aid (Tuition waiver) under the provision of Private University Act 2010.  Student of NSU can apply for Financial Aid in the following categories:

  • Based on previous academic attainment and Admission Test result
    (Merit based Scholarship).
  • Based on high academic attainment at NSU (Merit based tuition waiver).
  • Based on financial Need & Merit (Merit-Need based waiver).
  • Based on financial NEED of a student (Waiver on Humanitarian grounds).
  • Based on two or more siblings studying together at NSU (Waiver for Siblings).
  • In the form of Student Employment (Work-Study based).
  • Financial Aid for the wards of freedom fighters.

Who are eligible for Financial Aid at North South University?

North South University awards financial aid in the form of full/partial tuition waiver only to the deserving students who achieve and maintain outstanding academic track records as mentioned below:

  • Undergraduate applicants securing 1st and 2nd position in the NSU admission test get full tuition waiver (100%).
  • GPA 5.00 (excluding 4th Subject) in either SSC or HSC and at least GPA 4.80 in the other (excluding 4th Subject) with satisfactory NSU Admission Test Performance.
  • Candidates who earn 7 ‘A’s in O-level exams at a time and 3 ‘A’s in A-level having satisfactory NSU Admission Test Score.
  • MBA and MPH applicants securing highest score in the NSU admission test are entitled to 50% tuition waiver upon admission.
  • NSU graduates, with CGPA 3.80 at undergraduate level would be entitled to 50% tuition waiver upon his/her admission at any graduate level at NSU.
  • General students of NSU seeking financial aid must fulfill the minimum criteria i.e. the undergraduate students must complete minimum 9 credits and maintain a minimum CGPA of 2.75 and graduate students 3.25  with 6 Credits
  • Aid for Siblings: Financial assistance is also available for siblings i.e. if two brothers or two sisters or one brother and one sister, whatever may be the case, have been studying at NSU, they would be entitled to 25% tuition waiver each subject to eligibility and they must apply formally during usual aid process.

However, students in all the above cases must apply for financial aid in proper way. The authority may review and change the above conditions from time to time. Continuation of getting such tuition waiver is subject to his/her academic performance and other financial aid policy of NSU as applicable. 

How will you maintain Financial Aid at NSU?

Once you have been awarded financial aid, you must demonstrate satisfactory academic progress in your academic calendar at NSU in order to maintain your tuition waiver. As a general rules, undergraduate/graduate students are considered to hold satisfactory academic progress if they achieve and maintain a minimum CGPA of 2.75 (for undergraduate program) and 3.25 (Graduate Program) respectively. 100% financial aid recipients must maintain a minimum CGPA of 3.25 or above. Students should also fulfill other conditions to enjoy financial aid. Financial Aid once discontinued, the student may reapply for financial aid as a fresh applicant. Financial Aid will automatically be renewed if s/he fulfills the criteria of financial aid requirements. Financial aid recipients can also apply for enhancement of their financial waiver.
The Financial Aid recipients/awardees must contact with the financial aid office in every semester during Advising/Registration process. They must submit their Advising-Sheet every semester for necessary verification and adjustment of tuition waiver from the Accounts Office. Financial Aid of the students will automatically be renewed if s/he fulfills the criteria of Financial Aid requirements. Financial aid office review and verify the academic performance every semester against the aid criteria and coordinate with Accounts Office accordingly.

When will you apply for Financial Aid and How?

Applications for financial aid are invited from bonafide & eligible students of NSU in everySpring and Summer semester through well-circulated notification. Students seeking financial aid should apply in prescribed APPLICATION FORM available at Prime Bank Bashundhara Branch, Dhaka upon payment of Tk. 1000.00 (one thousand) only. In Fall semester, no applications are invited from the student while academic progress and performance of the students are reviewed and evaluated. Application should be filled-up properly and submitted to the Financial Aid Office of the University with necessary/relevant documents within the deadline. Deadline for financial aid application is announced and notified in due time.

Financial Aid Calendar

Spring Semester (January to April)         : Applications are invited in 1st Week of January
Summer Semester (May to August)        : Applications are invited in 1st Week of May
Fall Semester (September to December)  : Performance and eligibility are reviewed/evaluated


  • The minimum eligibility for applying and to maintain financial aid, the undergraduate students must maintain a minimum CGPA of 2.75 and graduate students 3.25
  • Undergraduate students must complete minimum 09 credits without non-credit course and Graduate students 06 credits to apply for financial assistance.
  • An undergraduate financial aid recipient must register for at least 24 (Twenty four) credits and graduate students 18 credits in a year with effect from the semester of his/her receiving financial assistance.
  • If the waiver recipients withdraw any course or duly drop a semester, whatever may be the case, s/he would not get any benefit beyond the approved period for financial aid. That is, financial waiver would strictly be limited to 12 (twelve) semesters for students of all undergraduate programs except Bachelor in Pharmacy and Bachelor of Architecture, which is 8 (eight) semesters and 16 (sixteen) semesters respectively; For graduate program of MBA, this duration is 6 (six) semester, MS ECO, MS in CSC/ETE/EEE/CEG, MDS, MREM/M.PHARM. EMBA, MPH/EMPH, MA in English, MBT is limited to 5 (five) semesters, with effect from the semester of his/her first admission. The financial aid would automatically be discontinued after this time bar.
  • Financial aid will discontinue with immediate effect if you are delinquent in any way or if your CGPA is less than the requirement or on completion of your required credits for degree. Also, the aid shall automatically discontinue for unauthorized absence in any semester by the student. In any case, revival of such assistance might be considered on receipt of fresh application from the student in due course.
  • Financial Aid would not be extended to ‘Retake’ any course i.e. if a student retakes any course, he would pay full tuition for that particular subject.
  • Applicants should apply in prescribed form along with necessary papers/documents as applicable.
  • The applicant of financial aid must be accompanied by his/her parent(s) or guardian or a representative of the parents during interview.
  • Undergraduate and graduate recipients who are wards of freedom fighter must register for at least 27 credits in a year with effect from the semester of his/her receiving financial assistance else their waiver facility would be seized. Also they must maintain a CGPA of 2.75 at Undergraduate and CGPA 3.00 at Graduate level.
  • Financial assistance shall not be extended to courses that are extra to the degree requirement i.e. no tuition waiver is applicable beyond the approved credits for degree.
  • Financial assistance may be extended for courses that are not part of the degree but pre-requisites for courses required for a degree i.e. ENG-102, MAT-112 and MAT-116.
  • Financial assistance shall be discontinued as soon as an awardee fulfills the credit requirements for degree under the different programs run by NSU. 

If you need further Information

Questions concerning Financial Aid at North South University should be directed to the Financial Aid Office, NSU or sent through e-mail. The experienced and professional staff members at the Office of the Financial Aid will be happy to assist and guide you at Plot 15, Block B, Bashundhara, Dhaka 1229. Telephone: 8852000 Ext. 2181, 2182. Website: