01. To reproduce an old photograph, a studio charges Tk. z to make a negative, Tk. 0.6z for each fo the first 10 prints, and Tk. 0.2z for each print in excess of 10 prints. If Tk. 45 is the total charges to make one negative and 20 prints from an old photograph then what is the value of z?
Ans: Tk. 5
02. In a departmental store, notebooks that are normally sold for Tk. 59 each are on sale at 2 for Tk. 99. How much can be saved by purchasing 12 of these notebooks at the sale price?
Ans: Tk. 114
03. If the average of 5 consecutive integers is 13 then what is the sum of the least and the greatest of the 5 integers ?
Ans: 26
04. The number 0.01 is how many times as great as the number (0.0001)2?
Ans: 106
05. Streets A, B, and C are straight and level, and they intersect to form a triangle. If streets A and B intersect at a 60° angle and if street C is perpendicular to street B, at what acute angle do street A and C intersect?
Ans: 30°
06. If p, q and r are consecutive positive integers, with p > q > r and p + q + r an even number, which of the following could be the value of r?
Ans: 6
07. The cost of manufacturing x water pumps is Tk. 9000 + 400x. The amount received by selling these x water pumps is Tk. 500x. What is the least number of water pumps that must be manufactured and sold so that the amount received is at least equal to the manufacturing cost?
Ans: 90
08. If Tk. 6,300 was invested in a share when the price per share was Tk. 9 and additional Tk. 4,200 was invested in the same share when the price per share was Tk. 10, what was the average price per share?
Ans: Tk. 9.375
09. Pallab has exactly 3 times as many Bangladeshi as non-Bangladeshi stamps in his collection. Which of the following cannot be the number of stamps in Pallab’s collection?
Ans: 54
10. When a certain number is divided by 7, the remainder is zero. If the remainder is not zero when that number is divided by 14, then the remainder must be-
Ans: 7