Idiom of Phrases(2015-05-06)

01. Get at (reach, নাগাল পাওয়া)
= He could not get at his target.
02. Get in (enter, প্রবেশ করা)
= You can’t get in the club without an identity card.
03. Get away (escape, পালিয়ে যাওয়া)
= The thief somehow got away before the police.
04. Get by (manage, যোগান দেওয়া)
= He only earns just enough to get by.
05. Get on (proceed, অগ্রসর)
= How are you getting on with your studies?
06. Get over (overcome, অতিক্রম করা)
= He got over the problem.
07. Get through (finish, শেষ)
= It will take an hour to get through the work.
08. Get along (adjust, মিলানো)
= She is getting along well with her classmates.

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