Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University

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University Profile

Within   a   short   span   of   Eleven   years,   the University has been able to make its presence felt both at national and international levels. On the   existing   campus,   it   has   11   University Schools   of   Studies   and   01   Centre   for Specialized   Studies   (Centre   for   Disaster Management  Studies)  wherein  as  many  as  33 academic  programmes  are  being  conducted for   3500+   students   for   on   campus   study programme.   Besides   University   Schools   of Studies, University has one maintained institute, namely,    Indira    Gandhi    Institute    of Technology,    wherein    engineering    and management   education   is   being   imparted exclusively for girls.   Further, the University has 101 affiliated institutions and 02 Centres for

Learning    and    Education    wherein  80 additional undergraduate and post-graduate professional    academic    programmes    in Engineering   &   Technology,   Management, Computer  Applications,  Journalism  and  Mass Communication,    Law,    Education,    Hotel Management    and    Catering    Technology, Medicine   and   Para-Medical   Sciences   are conducted.  There is an annual intake of 16000+ students with a total students strength of 50000+ both at University Schools, Affiliated Institutions and Maintained Institute.   It would be of further interest to note that the successful students of this   University   are   getting   excellent   final placements   in   best   of   the   companies   like Infosys,   Wipro,   Accenture,   Adobe,   Ariecent, Capital  IQ,  Consultancy  Development  Centre, HCL,   I-Flex,   Japan   Airlines,   Matrix   Cellular, Microsoft,  Oriental  Bank  of  Commerce,  Prot, TCS,    Tech-Mahendra,    Sapient,    Satyam, SmartQ,    South    Indian    Bank,    Standard Chartered, Wyvil Systems Inc.(Chicago, USA), etc.

Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University has been established by Govt.  of  NCT  of  Delhi under  the  provisions  of  Guru  Gobind  Singh Indraprastha    University   Act,    1998.    The University is recognized by the University Grants

Commission (UGC), India under Section 2 (f) and 12 (b) of the UGC Act. The University was graded as ‘A’ by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council, Bangalore on March 31, 2007 for a period of 5 years.  Further, during the   course   of   recent   Surveillance   Audit conducted   on   August   11-12,   2009   by   the Standardization    Testing    &    Quality Certification    Directorate,    Ministry    of Communication    and    IT,    Department    of Information Technology, Govt. of India, the ISO Certification granted to this University has been upgraded from ISO 9001:  2000 to ISO 9001: 2008; this we could accomplish after having met the requirements of the New Version of ISO. The Association of Indian Universities (AIU) also granted the Status of Regular Membership to this University on November 18, 2008.   Further our  University’s  name  has  featured  in  2008 Edition of the published “Universities of India 2008”   and   have   been   honoured   with   an Engraved    Plaque    commemorating    this recognition   which   symbolizes   as   Dun   & Bradstreet-Decide  with  Confidence  (February 27, 2009).

Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University is an affiliating and teaching University which aims at  facilitating  and  promoting  studies,  research and extension work in emerging areas of higher education with focus on professional education, such as engineering, technology, management studies, medicine, pharmacy, nursing, law, etc., and    also  to  achieve  excellence  in  them  and other relevant fields of studies.

Admission Procedure for Foreign Students

Fifteen per cent seats shall be allowed to be filled on supernumerary basis over and above the approved intake  from  amongst  Foreign  Nationals/Persons  of Indian Origin/ Foreign students in programmes of the University  and  some  selected  affiliated  institutions.

These seats are provided by the MHRD under the PIHEAD (Promotion of Indian Higher Education Abroad)  progamme.  Under  no  circumstances,  a seat remaining unfilled shall be allocated to any one other than a Foreign Student/PIO/Foreign National.


Persons    of    Indian   Origin   (PIO): Persons   who   are   citizens   of   other countries    (except    Pakistan    and Bangladesh)  who  at  any  time  held  an Indian Passport, or who or either of his parents or any of his grand parents were a   citizen   of   India   by   virtue   of   the provisions of the Constitution of India or Sec  2(b)  of  Citizenship  Act,  1955  (Act No. 57 of 1955).
Foreign   Nationals:   Citizens   of   all countries other than India, who are not of Indian Origin as defined under PIO
Foreign Student: Foreign student in this context shall be defined as the student who possesses a foreign passport.

Fee Structure


 The prescribed fee of foreign students will be collected in US Dollar only.

* The proposed fee is subject to revision as recommended by the Competent Authority.  There may be one time or annual fee charged for miscellaneous purposes such as medical, processing fee etc.

Medical Insurance: International students must have adequate medical insurance during their entire stay in India on their own initiative.


Student Should have valid passport and Student Visa. The   visa   can   be   obtained   from   the   Indian missions abroad by producing letter of confirmed offer of admission from Office of the International Affairs,   GGS   Indraprastha   University,   Delhi, India.  Ph.D scholar must have a valid Research Visa.


As per Visa restriction, International students should not count on obtaining work in India for covering their expenses while studying. In fact part-time   employment   during   the   academic session is almost impossible to find.  Students coming to India should have enough money to cover all the expenses


The   University,   since   its   inception,   is   also providing   facility   to   the   students   to   pursue research leading to the award of the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) in all the University Schools    of    Studies.    For    promoting    and facilitating  quality  research  the  University  has taken   several   initiatives,   e.g.   enacting   an Ordinance which permits maximum flexibility to the research scholars in terms of minimum and maximum period permission for the submission of   Ph.D.   dissertation;   allowing   the   outside experts to act as supervisors/joint supervisors.

After   the   student   is   given   provisional admission   and   a   research   visa,   all   the conditions  that  are  applicable  to  the  Indian students will be applicable to him/her.  Upon coming to India he must contact the Dean of the   appropriate   School   through   Director General Information Self-Financing and other Students: Students are    expected    to    make    their    own arrangements.


The  International  students  should  abide  by  all the rules of GGS Indraprastha University, Delhi, India and the code of conduct as applicable to Indian students.


The   procedure   and   rules   for   examination, payment of examination fees, issue of mark list, issue   of   passing   certificates   and   award   of degrees will be same as for the Indian students.


Upon arrival in India every foreign Student must be registered with the Police FRRO within 7 days from the date of first entry into India. The FRRO can  impose  heavy  fines  if  this  registration  is delayed   or   not   done.

FRRO  Address:

East Block, No.8, Level-II, R.K.Puram-1, New Delhi- 10066.


University   does   not   have   any   provision   for scholarships   for   foreign   students.   However, some    scholarships    are    granted    by    the Government  of  India  under  various  schemes. Candidates are advised to contact the nearest Indian   Diplomatic   Mission   for   necessary information about these scholarships.


GGS   Indraprastha   University   is   a   certified, Educational  Partner  with  Educational  Testing Services  (ETS),  Princeton  N.J.,  USA  .  The University is now a certified test administrative site  for  Internet  based  examination  for  TOEFL iBT.    To  seek  the  admission  in  our  University, TOEFL  is   desirable   but   not   mandatory   and University    may    offer    a    short    course    in conversational  English  speaking  designed  for international students.


The    University    also    provides    limited accommodation  on  the  Campus.  There  is  one hostel for boys and a separate one for the girls, available at nominal fees.   Approximately US$ 150 per month may be the expenses for student who prefers to reside in private accommodation. Public    transportation    is    good    and    very economical.


Presently,   250   international   students   are pursuing   their   higher   education   in   various programmes from 31 different countries.   Many academic and cultural events are organized with Indian Council of Cultural Relations.


University   has   its   own   Dispensary   in   the campus.   Free medical consultation is available to students.

Application Form

Inernatioanl Affairs Web Address:

Contact Information

International Affairs Contact Address


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Contact Address:


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