01. William Wordsworth collaborated with ____ publish The lyrical Ballads.
(A) Coleridge
(B) Shelley
(C) Tennyson
D) Keats
Correct Answer: Tennyson
02. Drama originated in the ancient Greece in the 5th century as a religious rite to worship ____.
(A) Zeus
(C) Gupid
(D) Apollo
Correct Answer: Dionysus
03. “I am a Jew. Hath not a Jew eyes? Hath not a Jew hands, organs…?” where is this from ?
(A) King Lear
(B)The Merchant of Venice
(C) The Jew of Malta
(D) Volpone
Correct Answer: The Jew of Malta
04. Stating someone else’ ideas as one’s own without acknowledging the source can be termed as ____.
(A) plagiarism
(C) nepotism
(D) pasting
Correct Answer: plagiarism
05. Choose the correct sentence.
(A) I like to swim, Playing tennis, and ride.
(B)I like to swimming, play tennis, and ride.
(C) I like to swim, play tennis, and riding.
(D) I like to swim, play tennis, and ride
Correct Answer: I like to swim, play tennis, and ride
06. The Shakespearean phrase ‘green eyed monster’ refers to ____.
(A) lust
(C) greed
(D) ambition
Correct Answer: jealousy
07. The underlined part in “She felt it was taking a hundred years to complete the exam.” is an example of
(A) a simile
(B)an understatement
(C) a symbol
(D) a hyperbole
Correct Answer: a hyperbole
08. What is the antonym of ‘evanescent’?
(A) intelligent
(C) transient
(D) permanent
Correct Answer: permanent
09. Choose the correct spelling.
(A) heterogenious
(C) heterogeneous
(D) hetarogineous
Correct Answer: heterogeneous
10. If somebody is crestfallen, he/she is ____
(A) dejected
(C) insulted
(D) humiliated
Correct Answer: dejected