English (06-01-15)

01. The padma abounds ___hilsha fish.
A. with                                 B. in                                         C. of                                        D. on
Correct Answer: with
02. Which is the most frequently used English word in writing ?
A. and                                B. the                                      C. to                                         D. a
Correct Answer: the
03. We locked up our valuables so that they would not ____.
A. go astray                         B. run amok                C. fall into arrears           D. fall in trouble
Correct Answer: go astray
04. What is the opposited of kind –hearted____.
A. ill-natured                     B. tender-hearted        C. generous             D. benign
Correct Answer: ill-natured
05. None but the brave ___ the fair.
A. demands                      B. declars                    C. deludes                 D. deserves
Correct Answer: deserves
06. Which author came up with the advertising slogan ‘Guinness is good for you’?
A. Virginia Woolf
B. Margery Allingham
C. Dorothy B.Sayer
D. Agatha Christie
Correct Answer: Dorothy B.Sayer
07. What was the nationality of Oscar Wilde?
A. Irish                     B. Scottish                               C. French                                 D. English
Correct Answer: Irish
08. Which book by Charles Dickens is set during the French Revolution ?
A. Bleak House               B. A Christmas carol                C. Hard times                           D. tale of two cities
Correct Answer: tale of two cities
09. Who wrote the play ‘Man and Superman’?
A. H.Ibsen                       B. A.Bennett                     C. J.Galsworthy                  D. G.B.Shaw
Correct Answer: G.B.Shaw
10. Who wrote ‘For whom the Bell Tolls’?
A. Norman Mailer           B. Ernest Hemingway        C. F Scott Fitzgerald          D. John Irivng
   Correct Answer: Ernest Hemingway