Eastern University


Undergraduate Programs

Tuition Fee Waiver Based on Previous Results

Average GPA in SSC & HSC Examination Tuition Fee Waiver
% Required SGPA in EU Semester Result
5.00 (without 4th Subject)   100% Required SGPA 3.50
4.80 5.00 (with 4th Subject) 50% Required SGPA 3.00
4.50 4.79 20% Required SGPA 3.00
4.40 4.49 10% Required SGPA 3.00


Scholarship Based on Results in EU Semester Exams

Semester Results Tuition Fee Waiver
% Condition
4.00 50% Applicable from 2ndSemester
3.75 – 3.99 20%
3.50 – 3.74 10%


N.B: Students who are not eligible for waiver based on previous result can get scholarship based on their semester result.

  • Student will get either Waiver or Scholarship whichever is higher from 2nd semester.
  • Tuition fee waiver based on previous results is not applicable for EEE (Eve) students.

Graduate Programs

Tuition Fee Waiver Based on Previous Results 
Results in SSC, HSC & Undergraduate Fee Waiver for 1st Two Semesters Condition
3 first divisions/ classes/  total GPA 13.5 50% Required SGPA 3.00Waiver will be applicable for first2 semesters
           2 first divisions/ classes/  total GPA 11 10%

No semester based scholarship for Graduate Program.

Special Waivers (For all Programs)

Waiver details Conditions
100% tuition fee waiver for children of Freedom Fighter ·      Required SGPA 3.00 in EU·      Student have to submit certificate from concerned Ministry.
100% Tuition fee waiver for poor meritorious students · Financier’s income certificate, Required SGPA 3.00 in EU
10% special tuition fee waiver for female students N / A
15% special waiver for tribal students · Student have to submit tribal certificate.
25% special waiver for physically disadvantaged and acid victim students. · Student have to submit medical  certificate.
25% special waiver for brother / sister, husband / wife. · Both the students have to continue their study simultaneously.· Only one student can enjoy the waiver.· Birth certificate/ marriage certificate is required for this purpose.
10% special waiver for CSE, EEE(Day), EEE(Day), EEE(Eve.) & ETE students · N/A
Special waiver
15% for E&T students,
20% for RMBA & EMBA,
Tk 5000/- for LL.M, ELL and ELT students.
· 5 or more students in a group.


  • Reducing method to be followed for calculation of individual Waiver.
  • Maximum cumulative waiver will not exceed 50% except for those who obtained GPA 5 (Without 4th subject) in the SSC & HSC examinations and children of freedom Fighter.
  • Interest-free loans for financially disadvantaged students.