Different Types of Granulation and Compression Machine used in Pharmaceutical Industry

Different Types of Granulation and Compression Machine used in Pharmaceutical Industry

Granulation and compression are two very important processes that are carried out extensively by most pharmaceutical companies. However, the theory of granulation is little understood and the selection of a particular machine and granulation method, is often done on the basis of tradition, rather than by using strict scientific or cost-benefit criteria. The basic techniques have changed dramatically in recent years and granulation for controlled release, extrusion, spheronisation, fluidisation techniques, spray drying, melt extrusion, oral dispersion technology and roller compaction are new technologies that are increasingly being used in modern pharmaceutical production, which exhibit many advantages over previously available techniques. Here some advanced granulation and compression machine are described below :

Tablet Granulation Machine

High-shear mixer

A high-shear mixer disperses, or transports, one phase or ingredient (liquid, solid, gas) into a main continuous phase (liquid), with which it would normally be immiscible. A rotor or impellor, together with a stationary component known as a stator, or an array of rotors and stators, is used either in a tank containing the solution to be mixed, or in a pipe through which the solution passes, to create shear. A high-shear mixer can be used to create emulsions, suspensions, lyosols (gas dispersed in liquid), and granular products. It is used in the adhesives, chemical, cosmetic, food, pharmaceutical, and plastics industries for emulsification, homogenization, particle size reduction, and dispersion


Oscillating Granulator Machine

Oscillating Granulator Machine:-

 These are robust in construction, durable in nature, highly efficient and dependable. Known for their compact designs, these offer continuous oscillating stirrers drive. Granulators are offered with following features:

  • Easy to clean
  • Entire working zone and stirrer can be dismantled quickly without using spanners
  • Simple screen holding and tensioning device
  • Availability of different mesh size of screen
  • Long life and economic cost of screen


Fluid Bed Top Spray Granulation

Granulation can be performed using fluid beds fitted with spray nozzles. During the last 10 years, fluid beds have improved dramatically in response to single pot technology competition. It is possible to have completely closed material handling by a closed linking with upstream and downstream equipment. Also, fully automatic cleaning (cleaning-in- place [CIP] and wash-in-place [WIP]) in fluid beds using stainless steel filters now compares favourably with what is possible in a single pot.

Roto Cube: High Shear Granulator and Single-pot Processor

Roto Cube is an all-in-one granulation solution guaranteeing high flexibility for both wet and single-pot processes, allowing quick maintenance operations and high percentage of material yield.

The machine is very compact as it has been designed to contain all its components in the same housing: processing bowl, filters, mill, discharge valve and heavy duty components. The bowl can be lifted to set the height according to each phase of the process, including discharge as high as the receiving bin, and can be fitted with a tilting system for a gentle treatment of granules and shortening the drying time.

All parts of Roto Cube are easily accessible with no need of lifting platforms and the machine can be simply integrated in plants where a maximum level of containment is required.


GZL series granulator pharmaceutical machine


Making granules from dry power directly without any bonding agent and to carry out the 2nd heating and drying.The strength of granule can be adjusted by pressure of rollers so as to control strength of granule.Sand-shaped irregular granules are produced.Large productive capability due to continuous production, high degree of automation to suit automatic  production.


Except those dangerous materials that are subject to explosion due to crushing and rubbing, most part of dry power materials can be directly granulated by this machine can also be suited for granulation of heat sensitive materials.

 HSD-100 Pharmaceutical Granule Mixing Machine(FDA&cGMP Approved)


This machine is mainly used in blending of solid particle and dust powder materials as the main equipment in the pharmaceutical laboratory. It is also widely used in food and chemical industries.

This machine is reasonable in structure stable in performance and easy in operation without dead angles and exposed screws. It adopts full automatic PLC control and is equipped with discharging butterfly valve as anti- misoperation device to ensure production safety.

Different working procedures in the same container effectively prevent prowder dust and cross contamination caused by frequent material feeding and transfer and reduces material loss at the same time Material layering control optimizes production process, fully complying with GMP requirements in drug production.

Multifunctional pelletizing granulating coating machine


1.Combine  multifunctions of pelletizing, granulating, coating ,mixing and drying,

2.reduce steps of techniques,process of contamination, and the degree of labor.


1.Tangent spray technique: pelletizing,  covering, coating

2.Top spray technique: granulating

3.Bottom spray technique: coating


LDP fluid granulating coating machine


1.Bottom-spray fluidized
2. uniform,continuous film clothing
3.No loss of coating materials, low production costs

Bottom-spray fluidized, the material has a strict running track, thus eligible for the uniform, continuous film clothing,Powder granules, pills mask flavor, moisture, oxidation, waterproof, anti-heat, coloring isolation coating. No loss of coating materials, low production costs
Fog particles reach the material line is short, no “spray drying” problem cylindrical container or inverted cone speed reducer design, viable particles, big grain, granule, pellet coating materials, excellent dispersion, non-adhesion phenomena.
Application Overview:
Fluidized bed coating machine coating technology is the combination of spray technology and integrating the new particle coating equipment, widely used in film slow release, slow release matrix capsules, coated pills, granules, powder body coating.


FLP Series Granulating Pelletor Coater Pharmaceutical Machinery


The purified and heated air passes through the gaps of ring and enters into the container. The raw material in the container appears the state of boiling. Because of the rotating of distribution plate, the raw material undertakes the effect of gravitation itself, buoyancy of air, circular centrifugal force and friction acts circular round movements.


1.Granulating and coating for powder material

2.Granulating and coating for flow immersed paste of Chinese traditional medicine

3.Can prepare and coat granule of 50um

4.Can prepare porous quick solving granule, multi-layer low releasing and control releasing coating, ball granule and coating

5.Can prepare compact ball(pellet)granule and coating.

6.Dry powder, granule and mass shape material


Tablet Compression Machine

Rotary Tablet Press Machine/Tableting compressing machine


That machine is a double-pressing automatically rotary continuous tablet pressing. It is suitable for Industries, such as Chemical, Foodstuff, Electronic, Daily Chemical, Powder Metallurgy, etc.

It is a kind of machine equipped with double press automatic rotated serial sheeter and it can make the granular material produce to all as sortments of tablets, sheet candy, calcium tablet, double side sheet(printed letter on both sides) and so on. It is suitable for pharmacy, chemical industrial, food stuff, electronic, plastic powder, metallurgy etc. fields.

1.The machine designed for fully enclosed structure;it has the advantage of good appearance in design,high efficiency,lower energy consumption and etc.
2.The material contact parts is made of stainless steel,the surface of turntable deal with polished to prevent cross pollution which meet the GMP requirements.
3.It’s equipped with Plexi-glass perspective window for tablet producing observation Eacwoning and maintenance.
4.Driving system is equipped with oil box and running under oil,easy for heat dissipation and durable,non-pollution.
5.It adopts import frequency timing,with hydraulic system.
6.With the Over-loading protection.


Double Rotary Tablet Press

Salient Features

  • Weight and thickness settings can be done from control knobs situated on the front panel.
  • Force feeder system.
  • Turret with lower Punch seal
  • Safety interlocking for Upper & Lower Guard
  • Gravity Feeding System
  • Upper Roller with Penetration Adjustment System
  • Control Panel with By pass Switches
  • Control Panel with Separate display for Tablet Count and RPM
  • Fixed Hopper with slide to control power flow
  • Re-designed variable speed pulley
  • Turret of SRIRON 400/12 grade casting
  • Auto Lubrication with timer & metering cartridges
  • Cam tracks & pressure rolls made out of alloy steel for maximum wear resistance and long life. Worm is made up of Phosphor Bronze
  • Higher Turret speed 15 to 35 RPM
  • Phosphor bronze bush provided inside the turret hold
  • Lower Punch Cam can be removed without dismantling Lower Roller Assembly.




This machine is useful for Pharmaceuticals, Plastic, Bakelite, and Confectionery, Electronic Ferrite, catalysts (Flux), Ceramics, Air Fresheners and various other industries.

Salient Features
  • Robust & Compact Design
  • Easy & Simple Operation
  • No skilled labour is required

Double side ejectors provided


Single Rotary Tablet Press

Production Application – Single Rotary Tablet Compression Press machine is widely used in Pharmaceutical industry for moderate scale out put. Its videly used for Vitamins & other applications.

Special Features –

  • Spuare Compact Model comply GMP Norms.
  • High out put with less maintenance.
  • Easy to change over.
  • Easy VFD Speed control
  • Safety interlock guard.
  • Effective dust extraction nozzle provided.
  • Optional – Pre-Compression, Force Feeder, PLC Control.