Critique of a Newspaper Advertisement Based on the VIPS Criteria


Yaris is a luxury car produced by Toyota and marketed (in Bangladesh) by Navana. It has been unveiled to the public recently. In light of this, several ads have been printed in all the major national dailies introducing the product over the last few days. The ad itself is not conspicuous because of its dimensions. However, as we will see below it has almost all the ingredients required for a successful print ad.


A print ad should attract the attention of the target to the product not the ad. The ad should say how the product can benefit the target. Based on these criteria the advertisement under evaluation is highly visible because it introduces the product without much fanfare. It also tells the product story briefly and introduces the product to the customer, which is the ads primary objective. However, the diminutive dimensions of the ad do not call for immediate attention of the target.


Identity is the attribute of an ad that answers the question, “What product or message is the ad trying to sell?” A good ad answers this question repeatedly. In other words, the brand name is incorporated frequently and prominently in the ad. The ad under scrutiny follows this guideline.  The brand name Yaris appears twice – once in the center of the ad in the largest font size and next on the nameplate of the picture of the car itself. Both the large brand name and the imposing frontal image of the car resonate in the mind of the observer. Although some may argue that the overuse of the pronoun “I” creates distance between the target and the brand, it is not entirely true since the word “I” actually builds up the anticipation of the observer leading finally to the reward – Yaris.


An effective print ad should promise something of value to the consumer by targeting one or more basic drives. Although the Yaris ad does not do so explicitly, it does make an implied promise by striking the dual strings of Self Expression & Pride in the minds of the consumer. It states that Yaris is Smart, Stylish, & Luxurious, making an implicit promise to potential consumers that if they own a Yaris, they too can be Smart, Stylish, & Luxurious which would ultimately lead to feelings of self expression and pride.


As far as simplicity goes, the Yaris ad could not get any simpler. The ad acquaints the target with the product in very simple language. The choice of language is also appropriate because in our country English is still thought to be the language of the upper class elites.