ATM : Banking Revolution in Bangladesh


ATM (Automated Teller Machine)

  A computerized telecommunications device that provides the customers of a financial institution with access to financial transactions in a public space without the need for a human clerk or bank teller.

Function of ATM

Cash Withdrawals
Cash Deposits
Balance Enquiry
Mini Statement
Fund Transfer
Utility Bill, Tax Payment
Cheque Processing Module
Promotional Features

History of ATMs

A mechanical cash dispenser was built by Luther George Simjian and installed in 1939 in Newyork City by City Bank of Newyork.
De La Rue developed the first electronic ATM, which was installed first in Enfield Town in North London, United Kingdom[2] on 27 June 1967 by Barclays Bank . British actor Reg Varney using the world’s first ATM in 1967, located at a branch of Barclays Bank, Enfield. The system was developed by De La Rue
The modern, networked ATM was invented in Dallas, Texas, by Don Wetzel in 1968


The first ATM brought in Bangladesh by Standard Chartered Bank in 1994 and was installed & maintained by LEADS Corporation Ltd. It was a third Generation Cash Dispenser made by NCR.

Technical Overview


 CPU                                                                                                               Untitled

Magnetic Stripe and chip card reader
Encrypted PIN Pad (EPP)
Cash Handler
Receipt and Journal Printer

Different Components of ATM


Technical Overview


RMX, OS/2, Microsoft OS
XFS Middleware (Diebold Agilis, CR2 Bank world, NCR Corporation APTRA etc.)

Model of ATM Network


Shared ATM Network


ATM Operation in Bangladesh

First ATM in Bangladesh by Standard Chartered Bank in 1994
Shared ATM Company started operation in 2002-2003

Bank / Company wise ATM

1.SCB – 37
2.HSBC – 28
3.DBBL – 350
4.Citibank N.A. – 2
5.ETN – 30
6.Q-cash – 10
7.BRAC Bank – 20
8.Habib Bank Ltd – 4
9.UCBL (Under process) – 11


Customer Impact on ATM Banking in Bangladesh

  •   ATM Banking helps the Banks:
  • Reduce pressure on Tellers
  • Saves time for Business Promotion
  • Machine teller is more faster and reliable that human teller
  • Can serve to customer 24×7 hours a week
  • Can reach the service to remote places

 Customer Impact on ATM Banking in Bangladesh

ATM Banking helps the Customers:

Allows customers for 24×7 hours a week transaction during emergency
Balance enquiry, Mini statement
Pay Utility bills, Mobile bills
Can get services from Remote places