Analysis of the competitive image of Beximco Pharmaceuticals Ltd in the Pharmaceuticals industry


Origin of the report


Within the internship period in Beximco Pharmaceuticals Ltd I was assigned the task by Mr. Rizvi- Ul- Kabir; Senior Manager; Sales & Marketing, Beximco Pharmaceuticals Ltd, asked me to prepare an image analysis of the pharmaceuticals industry of Bangladesh. Dr. M. Jahangir Alam; Associate Professor; IBA; University of Dhaka, accepted the proposal to supervise the report as guide on behalf of IBA, University of Dhaka.


Objectives of the Study


Broad Objective


i)                   To fulfill the requirement of MBA degree as necessitated by IBA, University of Dhaka.

ii)                 Analyze the image of Beximco Pharmaceuticals Ltd in comparison to the other leading pharmaceuticals companies.

Specific Objectives

      i)            To identify the dominant participants in the industry

     ii)            To study the comparative image of the product element of BPL’s marketing mix.

    iii)            To study the comparative image of the pricing element of BPL’s marketing mix.

    iv)            To study the comparative image of the place element of BPL’s marketing mix.

    v)            To study the comparative image of the promotion element of BPL’s marketing mix.

    vi)            To study the overall comparative image of BPL.


Title of the Report

The title of the internship report is – “Analysis of the competitive image of Beximco Pharmaceuticals Ltd in the Pharmaceuticals industry”.


Patients purchase those drugs that are prescribed by the doctors. Therefore, the doctors are considered the ultimate customers of pharmaceutical products. Doctors from different fields (specialty) have been interviewed for the purpose. I have undertaken the survey both in the rural and urban areas of Bangladesh with the assistance of the sales executives of Beximco Pharmaceuticals Ltd.


In this study, exploratory research was undertaken. To undertake the research, some primary tasks had to be accomplished:

1)      Search for secondary data

ü  Study reports on Bangladesh pharmaceuticals market

ü  Market research done by BPL

ü  Information published by Information Medical Statistics (IMS)

ü  Reference books on the pharmaceuticals marketing

2)      Questionnaire survey

Both executive method and questionnaire method was used for the purpose of the report. However, the survey was conducted through questionnaire interview among all the respondents.



A major limitation of the report was the only the doctors were chosen as the respondents. The respondents could have included the patients and the chemists. However, as the geographical area covered was large, these two segments were left out.


Field force biases came into the survey. During taking samples, they went to those doctors with whom they had good relations.


Beximco Group


Corporate Scenario

Beximco is the largest business conglomerate of private sector in Bangladesh. Apart from the national government Beximco employs highest number of people in the country. Over the years since started it could gain a position to symbolize effective management, fund generation, and diversification of exploring business opportunities. Today it is one of the most known names in the country’s business arena.

Beximco practices an appropriate combination to delegate authority and responsibility that works to motivate employees and yield better performance for the company as a whole. Recruiting the efficient and potential people, planning to develop human resources, exploring business opportunity, and information management have strengthened the effectiveness and image of the group.

Corporate Structure

Beximco is a group of 34 companies and most of these are being operated through eight divisions. These divisions are created of the companies that are strategically related. The divisions namely are as follows:


Beximco Group

Textile Division

(Contains 6 Companies)

Chemical Division

(Contains 4 Companies)



Jute Division

(Contains 3 Companies)


Real State & Construction

(Contains 2 Companies)



Marine Foods Division

(Contains 2 Companies)


IT Division

(Contains 3 Companies)



Training Division

(Contains 1 Companies)


Media Division

Newspaper & Magazine


Trading and Others





Figure 01: Corporate Structure

The side branches are the divisions. The segments at the bottom of the tree are not considered, as division rather exists at their names.

The number of companies in each division is different. The companies of Beximco group in relation to division have been elaborated as follows:





Textile Division

Padma Textile Mills Ltd.

Beximco Synthetics Ltd.

Beximco Apparels Ltd.

Beximco Knitting Ltd.

Beximco Textiles Ltd.

Beximco Denims Ltd.

Beximco Fashions Ltd.

Beximco Fabrics Ltd.

Chemical Division

Beximco Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

Beximco Infusions Ltd.

Pharmatek chemicals Ltd.

I&I Services Ltd.

Real state & Construction Division

Beximco Engineering Ltd.

Shinepukur Holdings Ltd.

Trading Division

Bangladesh Export Import Ltd.

Beximco Holdings Ltd.

Jute Division

New Dacca Industries Ltd.

Sonali Ansh Ltd.

Esses Exporters Ltd.

Marine Food Division

Beximco Foods Ltd.

Beximco Fisheries Ltd.

Media Division

Beximco Media Ltd.

Information Technology Division

Beximco Softech Ltd.

Beximco Systems Ltd.

Beximco Computers Ltd.

Bangladesh Online Ltd.


Shinepukur Ceramics

Gammatech Ltd.

Brief of the Divisions

The divisions of the Beximco group have been introduced as following in a brief way.


This division consists of 8 companies, represents Beximco in country’s fastest growing apparel business sector. Beximco is now leading this trend with capacity, variety, and quality of the products. Beximco produces polyester yarn, makes different fabrics and mostly supports its own garment business. This is an example of backward linkage that would have been done in Bangladesh in order to strengthen the garment business. Beximco Denims Ltd. is the only denim fabric producer in Bangladesh.


Beximco has two separate facilities to produce jute yarns that are among largest in the country. Until the jute business has got the setback in international market this division was one of the prime contributor to the group and the country as well. The main operation was to produce the jute yearn and export. Beximco is the pioneer of making jute yarn and twine for Axminister carpet and served 12% of the total demand of these kinds in the world market. Although today it does not seem to sketch prospective future of it.

Real State & Construction

It has two companies within this division. One is involved in construction named as Beximco Engineering. It established its credibility through successfully contributing as the largest local partner for the Bangabondhu Jamuna Bridge construction. The other one Shinepukur Holding is operating its business in land development and apartment building. It aims to contribute in solving city accommodation crisis.

Marine Foods

This group added significantly to the group through success in fisheries business. Its project location is in Cox’s Bazar. The turn over of the group was also boomed by the contribution of the export of marine foods to international market.


This division holds the initial business trend of Beximco, indeed. It looks for the opportunity of import-export the commodities that have the demand in the market. This division is really dynamic and high profit contributing to the group. With a brand portfolio that includes Wartsilla SA (generation equipment), Arjo Wiggins (security & treasury papers) of France, and DuPont Inc. (chemicals), Sterling Diagnostic Imaging Inc. (film products) and Valvoline Inc. (petroleum products and industrial lubricants) of the USA. The Trading Division also represents overseas marine food buyers by acting as a sourcing agent on their behalf and providing quality control.


The companies included in this division are Beximco Computers, Beximco Systems, and BOL Online. Beximco Computers Ltd. is still the nation’s largest volume re-seller of IBM PCs. With the launch of a new version of BexiBank, an integrated multi-user, multi-tasking banking application system, Beximco Computer Ltd.’s software is in use at over 300 branches of 15 major banks nationwide.

Beximco’s first foray into education, Beximco Systems Ltd. is joint venture collaboration with the largest information technology institute of India, NIIT. Modeled after NIIT’s highly successful training centers across India, the NIIT Centers in Bangladesh have the highest growth rate of any NIIT facility for enrollment levels in its short courses and degree programs.

Bangladesh Online Ltd. (BOL), Beximco’s Internet company launched its operation in August of 1998. The company has the fastest access among ISPs in Bangladesh.

This division to serve group’s interest in the most booming sectors of the world that is Information Technology. Since it started operation it proceeded very fast and became the market leader soon. It is pioneer company in Bangladesh to offer complete solution of automation. It also introduces the brand IT products to this country.


It is involved in publication of dailies and monthlies both in English and Bengali. The publications are “The Daily Mukto kantha”, “the Daily Independent”, fortnightly The Ananda Bhuban, Shaili, weekly Onneysa. The Bengali daily newspaper has been closed its operation. Although BEXIMCO’s first foray into the media field was just three years ago, its products have made significant inroads into the publishing arena. BEXIMCO has also launched a news agency, the Associated Press of Bangladesh, to provide up-to-date and accurate news-feeds to the Bangladeshi press.


Shinepukur Ceramics manufactures and markets high quality porcelain and Bone china tableware in collaboration with NIKKO, a premier Japanese Company. It promotes elegance and distinction for both international and local users of tableware.

Shinepukur Ceramics plans to export the majority of its production to the global market and is backed by the long-standing experience and competence of its people. The company has invested in state-of-the-art machinery and technology. All of its products are manufactured under strict international quality control guidelines.


Apart from divisional identity there are some more companies being operated within the group’s corporate structure.

Chemical Division

Beximco Chemical Division consists of four companies and is mainly involved in pharmaceutical business so far.

Beximco Chemical Division with its annual turnover of fifty five million dollars is perceived as the flagship of the Beximco Group. Products and services offered by the Chemical Division are trendsetters in the country.

This division is comprised of the following companies:

  • Beximco Pharmaceuticals Ltd
  • Beximco Infusions Ltd.
  • Pharmatek Chemicals Ltd.
  • I & I Services Ltd.

Beximco Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

Beximco Pharmaceuticals Ltd. or BPL is one of the leading pharmaceutical manufacturers in the country. BPL manufactures and markets a high quality and cost-effective range of about 80 formulations covering all major therapeutic groups. The commissioning of BPL’s Basic Chemicals Unit in 1990, established a very significant milestone in the history of the country’s chemical industry. It not only met 90% of the country’s demand for two vital raw materials, ampicillin and amoxycillin but also started selling these to overseas markets, including South Korea and Malaysia.

Beximco Infusions Ltd.

Beximco Infusions Ltd. Or BIL, another wing of the Chemical Division went into production in July 1993 with an annual production capacity of 6 million bottles of life saving I.V. fluids. In only three years, BIL managed to gain substantial headway against its competitors attaining a 30% market share in 1996. The sophisticated manufacturing facility and environment control system of the plant is believed to be the most modern in the country, as well as the region. PHARMAPLAN GMBH of Germany, a leading name in IV solutions worldwide, built this facility on a turnkey basis. Well reputed for its quality both at home and abroad, BIL is the first and only Infusions Company in Bangladesh to obtain ISO-9001 certification.

Pharmatek Chemicals Ltd.

Pharmatek Chemicals Ltd. is the leading bulk producer of paracetamol in Bangladesh. It caters to almost 60% of the local market and supplies its products to both national and multinational companies operating in Bangladesh. The company is managed and operated by BPL under a long term management contract

I & I Services Ltd.

I & I Services Ltd. Is the distribution wing of the Chemical Division. It maintains a large distribution network and covers 20,000 customers nationwide. A highly sophisticated order processing system, logistic facilities in terms of vehicles, depots, and a team of professional sales staff keep pace with the ever-increasing market demand for timely execution of orders and quality services.

Beximco Pharmaceuticals Ltd. 

Beximco Pharmaceuticals Ltd. is one of the four companies strategically included in the Beximco Chemical Division. BPL attained turnover of Tk. 2.453 billion during 2000.

It all began in 1980 when BPL’s first product made under license of Bayer AG, Germany rolled out of a small manufacturing plant in Tongi, Dhaka. Products made under license of Upjohn Incorporated, USA followed. After its initial years of struggle it broke ground with the launching of its own products in 1983. Today, BPL holds almost 15% share in the domestic market.

The commissioning of BPL’s Basic Chemicals Unit in 1990, established a very significant milestone for it. It not only met 90% of the country’s demand for two vital raw materials, ampicillin and amoxycillin but also started selling these to overseas markets, including South Korea and Malaysia.


BPL operates its business through extensive departmentalization as needed. This is for specified effectiveness of the tasks. The business activities of BPL, BIL and PCL are directed, controlled and monitored from the head office of Beximco Pharmaceuticals Ltd. located at 7A, Dhanmondi, Dhaka. Being a leading Pharmaceutical company in the country it employs good number of people in different departments to keep its business thriving. The following major departments coordinate the activities of BPL, BIL and PCL:

¨      Central product management (CPM) department

¨      Planning department

¨      Purchase Department

¨      Sales department

¨      Sales education and training department

¨      Medical services department

¨      Business Research & Development department

¨      International marketing & fine chemicals department

¨      MIS department

¨      Finance and Accounts department


CPM stands for Central Product Management that takes care the total marketing of a product. It includes

i)                    selection of new product

ii)                  design of new product

iii)                design of packaging

iv)                Introduction of the product to the market and others

Planning Department

The planning department ensures smoothness of total operation of BPL. It is concerned with the following:

i)                    The production planning and

ii)                  Raw material procurement.

iii)                Inventory Planning

Based on sales forecast from the CPM planning department breaks up the yearly sales forecast to monthly basis and develop the planning of production, purchase and stock maintenance. It also initiates the negotiation of purchase. It refers the suppliers’ quotations to the purchase departments.

Planning department try to ensure buffer stock of three months of all the raw materials to meet any untoward events or circumstances in market.

Purchase Department

The purchase department is concerned with all the purchases of BPL. Apart from purchasing it keeps the record for tracking the costs of the company. This department works in coordination with planning department for negotiation and price fixing.

Sales Department

To follow the recent management of the business world the sales department has been completely separated from marketing department. It sets the forecast in coordination with marketing department and upon fixation of the sales it is the responsibility of the sales department to realize the yearly sales volume forecasted. The departmental works in following pattern:



Figure 02: Managerial Hierarchy of Sales Department

Medical representatives are farthest unit of the organization. They are to generate demand for products. They are trained before sent for field.

Training Department

Training department is to provide the training to the medical representatives of the company. This training is necessary to improve the quality of job-related function. The curriculum of training varies from group to group.  The department basically offers 4 types of training programs:

  • Induction Training Programs (for MRs )
  • Supervisory Management Programs (for FSs)
  • Advanced Supervisory Management
  • Refresher Training Programs (for everyone in sales in as and when basis).

The MRs are virtually the direct product of this training department. The selling skill of the MRs are dig out through the training session on that ultimately BPL depends for attaining its target sale.

MIS Department

The MIS department is the department that takes care of total automation of BPL. It supports the hardware and network of the company and the factory. It maintains the automation regularly and keeps the pace with the global IT. The MIS department also maintains the radio-link between the factory and the head-office.

Though separately dealt before, recently software department has been incorporated with MIS department. This software section is to work for developing software solutions as per organizational requirements. It also supports the other companies’ requirements of the chemical division. The facilities of MIS department are available round the clock for 24 hours.


MSD stands for Medical Services department. It is a unique department in this industry as BPL established this first ever in order to create easy relationship through using the professional linkage with the doctors, the ultimate customer of the pharmaceutical companies.

This is a supporting department that provides services (e.g., slide preparation, providing different journals, books etc.) to   the health professional on different issues and receives feedback from them. It arranges seminars on different issues such as diseases and their cures in different parts of the country. It publishes a special ‘Medical Newsletter’ quarterly and sends the current issues to the enlisted doctors at free of cost. The newsletter consists of important, recent medical articles. It also provides news gathered from Internet and allows free browsing facility for the doctors. Thus it helps the medical community and at the same time increases the company image outside.

Business Research & Development Department

The department began its operation for the purpose of working on market development – both domestic and international. It assists product development and marketing of new products. The product development process is as follows:


Quality Assurance  (in each stage in factory) and Quality Control improvement is another concern of this department. It suggests the SOP (Standard Operating Guideline), which is the biggest part of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices). It is mention that by practice BPL follows the highest standard of quality suppose as suggested by WHO. Purchase and material management coordination is also included within responsibilities of this department.

International Marketing

It is note that BPL has started marketing its product internationally. This department is concerned with the international promotion and marketing of BPL finished products and basic chemicals. It analyzes country analysis in terms of health status, economy, market and its growth, legal bounds of entering the market with its product etc to find the feasibility to market its products. So far it has 18 export outlets.

Multimedia Department

BPL is the only pharmaceutical company that has a multimedia department. This department is helping in the promotional activities of BPL. It designs medical videos for the doctors. The color, size, shape, lettering etc. of the text are carefully selected to attract the target audience easily.

It has designed some Kiosks that have been placed in some medical colleges for the students to learn and be trained.

The department also provides audio-visual aids to other departments of the company and also assists to decorate the publications.

Finance and Accounts Department

There are three sections in this department.

q  Treasury section

q  Accounts section

q  Cost and budget section

Treasury section deals with banks and bills. It also looks after the cash planning and management.

Accounts section is there to maintain all records and transactions. it is automated with aid of the software named MAPICS (Manufacturing Accounting Planning Information Control System).

Cost and budget section identifies the cost centers and prepares the budget. Cost section calculates the product cost and cost of goods sold. The annual budget preparation starts at October. Budget review is done quarterly (internally) and half-yearly (by the top management). It compares the budgeted and actual sales and expenses and prepares reports on them.


Upon study of the organization BPL some of the finding are as follows:


BPL is one of the leading companies in the pharmaceutical industry of the country and could attain almost 15% of the local market. The strength of attaining such position in the industry are:

Brand Leadership

As survey showed that 27 of BPL’s products are found to be brand leaders out of 47 products surveyed while 10 stand at second place.

Market Recognition

Beximco has secured market recognition in the market through innovative marketing strategies and aggressive product promotion. The company’s strong support to the medical community has gained its brand loyalty from the doctors.

Market growth

The market is expected to grow by 15 to 20% per annum for the next 5 years. The compounded annual growth for the previous 6 years was 15%. The next stage of growth is expected to come from backward integration to manufacture high volume raw materials, introduction of Hi-Tech manufacturing process that are difficult to imitate products, and exports.

Aggressive diversification

BPL is keen to diversify its capacity of produce and market. Strong export demand and international product registration have led BPL to embark on a massive capacity expansion as evident in expansion of plant and establishment of new plant in compliance with FDA (Federal Drug Association) quality mark .

Recently BPL signed a new contract for loan of about 1100 million BDT for its FDA (Federal drug Administration) compliant plant that costs over BDT 3,000 million BDT.

Basic Chemicals and Multipurpose Chemical Plant

Currently bulk antibiotics amoxycillin, ampicillin, and cloxacillin are being produced with an installed capacity of 35 tons per month. It is going to introduced Cephalexin and Cephradine very soon; like-wise in its multi purpose unit, production of Amlodipine, Fluconazole, Clotrimazole, Cetirizine Hcl, Tramadol, and Riboflavin 5-phosphate sodium.


There are some of the sectors where BPL has not entered but that possess ample opportunities. One of such sector is SVP or small volume Parenteral that is known as injections in the market. Due to having the quality attainment capability as evident in producing IV products, expertise and resource BPL should immediately think of this product and decide upon having the feasibility study.

International market is also another very lucrative sector for BPL. In the world market the low cost of product is an important upper hand for BPL to market its product. The new FDA compliant plant will assist BPL to confirm the world market about the quality of its products.


The company does not produce any kind of injectibles. The company can increase its market share by producing injectibles.

BPL has a narrower product line and number of products than its principal competitors in the market. Unless the product line and number of product are expanded the market share of BPL will be endangered in near future.


Competition from the local pharmaceutical companies and the very specifically in context of price is a major threat for BPL. The poor economic status of Bangladesh requires a low price of drugs to ensure public health. For the reasons like high cost of maintaining quality of products and high distribution cost etc the products of BPL cost higher than that of other companies. As a result BPL is in fear of loosing market in the rural areas of Bangladesh.

The year 2005 will be crucial for BPL as well as for all other local pharmaceutical companies. Currently Bangladesh market is protective for facilitating the local companies in pharmaceutical sectors in such way that any product able to meet the local demand cannot be imported. Also till to date companies can buy basic ingredients of pharmaceutical products at very low cost materials from India and China as these country do not follow the international patent law. However after implementation 2005 GAT (General Agreement of Trade) being a signatory Bangladesh will be in pressure to not buy the raw materials from the country those will not follow global patent law. GAT will pursue product patent registration system and royalty on patent will be enforced. As a result the raw material cost would go higher than now. This will eventually endanger BPL further as it is already in crisis due to having high product price.


Literature Review


“Perception defined: “Perception is defined as the process by which an individual selects, organizes and interprets stimuli into a meaningful and coherent picture of the world.” It can be described as “how we see the world around us.”



For pharmaceutical products, patients are the ultimate consumers of the products. However in most cases they purchase those drugs that are prescribed by the doctors. So doctors are considered to be the target customers for pharmaceuticals products. Considering this, we would consider doctors as the customers and proceed accordingly.


“Physicians tend to be more rational in their decision making than ultimate consumers. They prescribe to fit the needs normally are of a practical nature. But it should not be forgotten that these physicians are individuals having personal needs which become enmeshed with their roles as decision makers of their patients. Thus, even choice of a prescription drug may be made on bases which are non-rational or emotional.


The advertisers (marketers) have recognized the various factors which influence prescribing decisions and have structured their advertising appeals toward these factors. The following is a list of types of appeals used to influence prescription drug decision :


Rational Appeals :

  1. Product Related Appeals

q  Economy

q  Degree of Innovation

q  Differentiation/ Position

q  Packaging

q  Dosage Form/ Taste

  1. Physician Related Appeals

q     Peer/ Specialist Approval

q     Pharmaceutical/ Therapeutic Committee Approval

q     Therapeutic Aid in Practice


3.   Clinical Use Appeals

q  Dependability

q  Safety

q  Clinical Illustration

q  Effectiveness

q  Reminder


  1. Patient Related Appeals

q     Compliance

q     Quality of life

q     Patient Acceptance/ Preference


5.  Manufacturer Related Appeals

q  Experience

q  Service

q  Special Expertise

Non-Rational Appeals:

q  Empathy

q  Humor

q  Sex

q  Curiosity

q  Fear

q  Unusual non-clinical illustration

q  Ego gratifying

q  Anger/ Defensiveness

q  Patriotism


Any advertiser attempts to relate the specific benefits of his product to the specific needs of the consumer of the advertising message. Varying advertising appeals are merely reflections of varying needs of the advertising target as determined by the advertiser. This is true for any advertising. Prescription drug advertising is a special case, however. Some of the distinctive characteristics of this market are listed below:


1.   The consumer of the advertising is often not the consumer of the product


2.   Institutional advertising {designed to enhance the firm’s image rather than promote a specific product) is of greater importance here than in many other markets.

3. Because of the nature of the products, advertising and scientific communications tend to be confused. On one hand, advertisements may disseminate research results. On the other, favorable scientific reports in reputable journals may stimulate the sale of products. Some claim that pharmaceutical advertising at times becomes educational in character since the information it contains may constitute a valuable aid to therapy.

4.   In theory, the physician is a rational decision-maker, somewhat similar to the industrial goods purchaser so that the emotional appeals of consumer advertising might (again in theory) be inappropriate to the audience. In actual practice, however, it is not at all unusual to see an emotional appeal in prescription drug advertising. Our working hypothesis is that the rational appeal is more useful for primary-demand stimulation; and the emotional appeal for selective demand stimulation.


5.   Product and institutional advertising (or combinations) are important to the pharmaceutical manufacturer trying to establish its brand names. Although straight – forward advertisements by unknown manufacturer may be effective under special conditions, they may be viewed with some suspicion by some readers.


6.   Ethical pharmaceutical products seem to be adopted in response to the combined stimulus of an unusual number of different forms of promotion (detailing, journal advertising, direct mail, and communication with other physicians and/or pharmacists). The relative influence of each advertising medium in stimulating the continued use of a drug product may be entirely different from its relative influence in introducing the same product.


7.   Drug advertising is unique in presenting both the good and the bad about the product. Although federal regulation plays a large role in this, few, if any, other industries routinely point out the shortcomings of their products in their advertising. .” (Micky C. Smith, 1991)


“The totality of the communication process influences the way in which different audiences perceive an organization. In the pharmaceutical industry there arc two types of communication: i) interpersonal and ii) impersonal. Selective attention of doctors, noise created by competitors and the environment, selective perception of brands, and so on are few barriers to any pharma communication process. The source and credibility of communication is very important for every pharma brand.


Interpersonal communication sources are either formal or informal. Among formal sources, other fellow physician’s influences, guides, coworkers, pharmacists and professors provide additional credibility. In the case of informal sources, the family, neighbors, and non-professional friends influence the choice.


In impersonal communications; reference of college and university for physicians, corporate image of brand, brand image of a product, and the government influence the communication impact.


The risk dimensions represents the level of prescribing risk, degree of uncertainty about innovation, and the prescribed clinical interest in the product. The rationality dimensions represent the level of rational arguments available to convince the physicians of the product’s effectiveness.


One of the most crucial aspects of the marketing strategies of a pharmaceutical company is effective communication with the target market. usually a variety of communication means comes into play — the sales force, journal advertising direct mail, conferences, samples, gifts, newspaper advertising, freestanding supplements, cable tv, teleconference, video cassettes, video magazines, and telemarketing. given the nature of the pharmaceutical products, personal communication with prescribes is a key factor for success. the sales force muscle of drug companies is, and will be , together with the quality of their products the most important factor in obtaining successful product penetration and sales.


Marketing Strategies


Before patients can benefit from the steady stream of modem medicines flowing from the pharmaceutical industry, an important part of the fast-moving process of innovation is to keep doctors, pharmacists and other health professionals up to date with the work going on in clinical research and to inform them about the availability of new medicines. Studying different market characteristics is the main function of marketing department. There are different types of market for pharmaceutical products. According to the market characteristics a product can be classified in three major parts


• Prescription-only medicines – available only through a doctor’s prescription

• Pharmacy sale medicines -Only registered pharmacy can sell these medicines with or without the prescription of a doctor.

• OTC (Over the Counter) medicines – Any one can buy and sell these medicines.


Marketing of Pharmaceutical product is different in Bangladesh. In Bangladesh the drug buying and selling is completely regulated by rules. Pharmaceutical Products cannot enjoy advertising like any other consumer products. So personal selling is the way the products can be advertised and sold. As, Over the Counter products do not require any rule to buy or sell it has a chance to go through print advertising and television advertising. But marketing of prescription only medicines and pharmacy sale medicines can be done only through personal selling.


Different buying behavior has a great impact on marketing a product. Understanding the consumer’s buying attitude is the first job of any marketer. To analyze behavior, the marketer has to visit the place, gain knowledge about their financial condition, culture, tradition and the competitor position.


After analyzing the buyer’s attitude, the second important factor is to make the sales force effective and efficient. This is done through extensive training and in-house medical education programs. Once the sales team (medical promotion executives) has acquired adequate knowledge and interpersonal skills, they are set off into the market. A typical medical representative a science graduate and will have access to considerable detail about the company’s products. Medical representatives are a convenient and helpful way for doctors to get rapid and accurate information about medicines. They must maintain a high standard of ethical conduct and must not employ any inducement or subterfuge to gain an interview. Relevant inexpensive promotional items are provided. Hospitality can be provided only in association with scientific and promotional meetings, scientific congresses and other such meetings. It can only be provided to appropriate delegates or participants. The level of hospitality must be secondary to the main purpose of the meeting.


Medical Representatives

Personal Selling is the interpersonal arm of the promotion mix. Personal selling involves two way, personal communication between Medical Representatives and doctors. Since Medical Representatives represent the company to doctors they are vital in creating the image of the company in the customer’s mind. Therefore, BPL gives extra concern in managing and sprucing up its Medical Sales team.

Basic Requirements for recruiting a Medical Representative:

q  Masters degree with science background

q  Minimum second classes all through academic life

q  Good interpersonal skills

q  Well Groomed

Medical Representative’s Major Responsibilities:

q  Conducting recall researches to chose the right and potential doctors

q  Visiting the doctors

q  Detailing product features to Doctors

q  Generating Demand from Doctor’s end

q  Visiting the Chemists to collect indent from them

q  Placing the indents to the distribution department through sales department

Routine Work of Medical Representatives:

q  In a working day, a MR has to visit 16 doctors and 10 chemists

q  In a single visit, on an average, he has to detail 8 to 10 products, out of which 2 are usually new products and the rest are follow up products

q  On an average, a MR has to spent 15 minutes for a doctor

q  He has to submit a monthly tour program report

In-house Training programs provided to the Medical Representatives:

42 day long Induction Training Program to develop:

q  Grooming

q  Attitude

q  Morality

q  Motivation

q  Communication Skill

q  Selling Skill

Fundamental Training Program on:

q  Basic Medical science

q  Biology

q  Chemistry

q  Biochemistry

q  Molecular Science

Regular Training Programs on topics related to specific products (Product interaction, constituents, product kinetics, dosage, competitive advantages, side effects, etc).

Basis for designing a territory for the Medical Representative:

q  Number of doctors and chemists in the territory

q  Geographical Location

q  Communication/ traveling time between two visiting points

q  Number of possible calls per day


Promotional Tools

q  Scientific Seminar: The Medical Department arranges seminars and workshops covering a wide range of medical topics. These events are led by Beximco’s team of Medical service experts and are attended by members of the medical profession. It also organizes a good number of National Symposia on specialized medical topics, which are attended by country’s renowned physicians and scientists.

q  Newsletter: The Medical Newsletter is a compilation of latest information gathered from articles published in different national and international journals covering all disciplines of medical science. The Newsletter is circulated among 17500 doctors in the country and is also distributed in Myanmar, Pakistan and Kenya. Doctors who do not have access to international journals can obtain information relevant to their practice from the newsletter.

q  Special Publications: The pharmaceutical industry is also deeply involved in doctors’ continuing education, and helps in training prescribes in the uses and techniques of new medicines. GPs and other health professionals would find it difficult to keep up to date with scientific and medical advances in health care without these initiatives. Scientific and technical meetings make available specialist expertise and speakers in therapeutic areas, which the doctors themselves have often selected as being relevant and useful. Around half of all educational meetings are sponsored by the pharmaceutical industry and may be in therapeutic and clinical areas in which the company may have no direct product involvement.

q  Responding to Doctor’s Queries: Beximco takes great care in answering queries from doctors. The Medical Department’s team of highly dedicated professionals is well trained to attend these queries. The company encourages doctors to send their queries in postage paid envelopes attached to every copy of the newsletter or on a specific query form distributed in each clinical meeting. Currently most of the doctor’s queries are met through its own Internet facilities.

q  Medical Illustration and Audiovisual Aids: To assist physicians in sharing the results of their academic research and experiences with the larger medical community, Beximco extends its services to a great extend, in preparation of presentation packages including slides, transparencies and texts. The medical department has built up an extensive video library of internationally reputed video journals on different medical topics. Theses videocassettes are about actual surgical procedures, the latest information about treatment modalities and various ailments.


Beximco Pharmaceuticals Limited does not simply believe in introducing new molecules, it also believes in creating the difference in the market place by offering impeccable quality. BPL stands on the heritage of bringing innovative medicine to people. BPL’s products are all intended to help people to live healthy lives. BPL’s portfolio features a range of high quality, effective products, some are the first of their kind and many are ranked number one in their therapeutic area.

A team of highly qualified people sets BPL’s product feature and attribute. Arts and science are blended together inside BPL’s products. BPL’s products are designed and engineered in such manner that their overall presentation, size, shape, color, flavor, viscosity, coating, etc are completely different from those of the competitors. Whatever may be the dosage form or packaging-blister, strip, bottle, cartons, labels, etc, BPL’s presentations are widely recognized for their best aesthetic look among all competitive brands.

Beximco offers a comprehensive range of about 80 formulations in various dosage forms such as tablets, inhalers, capsules, creams, suspensions, syrups, suppositories, etc. From anti-ulcerates to vitamins, antibiotics to bronchodilators. Beximco has a widely diversified product portfolio. Every year the company introduces new products. In 2003 BPL launched 12 new products.

In Bangladesh, Beximco enjoys very high brand loyalty. Many BPL products are brand leaders in their respective categories. Neoceptin-R Beximco’s ranitidine formulation has 15.5% market share and has been the brand leader for a number of years. It is Beximco’s highest selling product. Napa, Beximco’s paracetamol reign the analgesic markets with a 27.5% market share and has been the brand leader for the 10 th consecutive year.

BPL’s asthma inhalers have enjoyed excellent sales growth over the years and have received huge response from the patient and doctors. Other therapeutic classes of drugs where BPL brand still lead include ACE inhibitor, systemic anti fungal, respiratory anti inflammatory, prostatic drug, topical anti hemorrhoid, digestive enzyme, etc.

Blockbuster Products in 2004

Success of a pharmaceutical company depends on how effectively it establishes its brands in the market. The excellent blending of world class manufacturing technology and innovative marketing strategies made BPL successful in achieving brand equity for its products. As a result the number one product by value and the number one by unit in Bangladesh pharmaceutical Industry and also the highest selling drug in the cardiovascular class belongs to BPL.

Napa – number one product by value

Napa is the highest selling product by unit. Napa has become a household brand in the mind of physicians as well as consumers of Bangladesh.

Neoceptin R –  Number one product by value

One of the major revenue earning products of BPL is Neoceptin R. It is also the highest selling product by value and is the undisputed leader in Bangladesh Pharmaceutical Market.

Amdocal – Highest selling drug in the cardiovascular market

Amdocal is one of the most prestigious and revenue earning products of BPL. It is the highest selling product in the cardiovascular market.



Product List


Brand name                            Dosage Form            Generic name & strength


Analgesic/ Antipyretic

Lucidol                                    Capsule                       Tramadol. HCI 50mg

Napa                                        Tablet                          Paracetarnol 500 mg

Syrup                           Paracetamol 120mg/5ml

Drops                          Paracetamol 80 mg/ml

Suppository                 Paracetarnol. 125mg/20mg/500mg


Antacid & Antiflatulent

Flatarneal‑DS                          Tablet                          Al Hydroxide 400mg.Mg Hydroxide

Simethicone, 30mg

Suspension                  Al Oxide 200mg. Mg Hydroxide

Simethicone 30mg


Lactarneal                               Tablet                          A] Hydroxide 250mg.Mg Hydroxide

Suspension                  Al Oxide 175mg. Mg Hydroxide


Anthehnintic                           Tablet                          Albendazole 400mg

Melphin                                   Tablet                          Pyrantel Pamoate 125 mg

Suspension                  Pyrantel Pamoate 50 mg



Cosmotrin                               Crearn                         Tretinion 0.025%



Filmet                                      Tablet                          Metronidazole 200 mg

Metronidazole 400 mg

Metronidazole 80 Orng

Suspension                  Metronidazole 200 mg/5m]



Monate                                    Tablet                          Isosorbide, Mononitrate 20mg

Neocard                                  Tablet                          Dilitiazern 30mg

Difitiazern 60mg



Pacet                                       Tablet                          Arniodarone HCL 100 mg

Arniodarone HCL 200 mg



Arixon Ig IM                          Injection                      Ceftriaxone, Ig

Arixon I g IV                          Injection                      Ceftriaxone, Ig

Arixon 250mg IM                   Injection                      Cefcriaxone 250 mg

Arixon 250mg IV                   Injection                      Ceftriaxone 250 mg

Arixon 500mg IM                   Injection                      Cefiriaxone 500 mg

Arixon 500mg IV                   Injection                      Ceftriaxone 500 mg

Arlin                                        Tablet                          Linezolid 400mg

Linezolid 600mg

Suspension                  Linezolid 100mg/5ml



Brand name                          Dosage Form            Generic name & strength


Cephalen                                 Capsule                        Cephalexin 250mg

Cephalexin 500mg



Clobex                                     Capsule                        Cloxacillin 500 mg

Syrup                           Cloxacillin 125mg/ 5ml

Decacycline                             Capsule                        Tretracycline, 250mg

Etrocin                                    Tablet                          Erythromycin 250mg

Erythromycin 500mg

Suspension                  Erythromycin 125mg/5ml

Evo                                          Tablet                          Levofloxacin 250mg

Levofloxacin 500mg

Flubex                                     Capsule                        Flucloxacin 250mg

Flucloxacin 500mg

Suspension                  Flucloxacin 125mg/5nd

Intracef                                   Capsule                        Cephradine 250mg

Cephradine, 500mg

Suspension                  Cephradine 125mg/5m]

Drops                           Cephradine 125mg/1.25.1

Injection                      Cephradine 250mg

Injection                      Cephradine 500mg

Isofloxin                                  Tablet                          Pefloxacin 400mg

Megadox                                 Capsule                        Doxycycline 100mg

Megatrim DS                          Tablet                          Trimethoprim 160mg

Suspension                  Trimethoprim. 40mg

Nebactil                                   Suspension

Neofloxin                                Tablet                          Ciprofloxacin 250 mg

Ciprofloxacin 500 mg

Ciprofloxacin 750 mg

Neofloxin XR                         Sustained                     Ciprofloxacin 500 mg

Release Tablet

Odycin                                    Tablet                          Moxifloxacin 400ing

Rolacin                                    Tablet                          Clarithromycin 250mg


Suspension                  Clarithromycin 500mg

Sparlin                                     Tablet                          Sparfloxacin 200mg

Triocim.                                   Tablet                          Cefixime 200mg

Suspension                  Cefixime 100mg/5ml

Tycil                                        Capsule                        Amoxycillin 250mg

Suspension                  Amoxycillin 125mg/5ml

Drops                           Amoxycillin 125mg/1.25m]

Tycil DS                                  Suspension                  Amoxycillin 250mg/5m]

Xegal                                       Tablet                          Gatifloxacin 400 mg


Anti -BPH

Prosfm                                     Tablet                          Finasteride 5mg

Uroflo                                      Tablet                          Tamsulosin 0.4mg



Tarnona                                   Tablet                          Tarnoxifen 10mg



Brand name                            Dosage Form            Generic name & strength



Impramid                                                                     Inhaler          1pratropiurn Bromide




Neodrop                                  Suspension                  Simethicon 67mg/mI



Apresin                                    Tablet                          Fluphenazine, 0.5mg

Atralin                                     Tablet                          Sertralin 50mg

Frenxit                                     Tablet                          Flupentixol 0.5mg

Melev 20                                 Tablet                          Paroxentine 20mg

Modipran                                Capsule                        Fluxotine 20mg



Diactin                                    Tablet                          Glipizide 5mg

Diaglit                                     Tablet                          Pioglitazone 15mg

Diapro                                     Tablet                          Gliclazide 80mg

Diaryl                                      Tablet                          Gliclazide Img

Informet                                  Tablet                          Mefformin HCL 500mg

Informet LA                           Sustained                     Metformin HCL 500mg

Release Tablet

Premil                                      Tablet                          Repaglinide 0.5mg



Inarzin                                     Tablet                          Cinnarizine 15mg

Onsat 8                                    Tablet                          Ondansterone 8mg



Fungistin                                 Oral Susp.                    Nystatin 100,00units/ml

Ornastin                                  Capsule                        Fluconazole 50mg

Neosten                                   Crearn                          Clotrimazole 0. 1%

Neosten VT                             Vaginal Tablet             Clotrimazole 0.2gm

Terbex                                     Tablet                          Terbinafine 250mg

Crearn                          Terbinafine 1%



Epilep                                      Tablet                          Carbarnazepine 200mg

Epilep CR                               Controlled                   Carbamazepine 200mg

Release Tablet



Atrizin                                     Tablet                          Cetirizine HCL 10mg

Syrup                           Cetirizine HCL 5mg/5ml

Axodin                                    Tablet                          Fexofenadine 120mg


Bexidal                                    Tablet                          Mebhydrolin 50mg

Curin                                       Tablet                          Levocefirizine 5mg

Momento                                 Tablet                          Desloratadine 5mg

Syrup                           Desloratadine 2.5mg/5ml

Brand name                            Dosage Form            Generic name & strength


Pedeamin                                Syrup                           Diphenhydramine 10mg/5ml

Pretin                                       Tablet                          Loratadine 10mg



Amdocal                                 Tablet                          Amlodipine 5mg

Amdocal Plus                                                              Tablet        Amlodipine 5mg

Arbit                                        Tablet                          Irbesartan 75mg

Cardopril                                 Tablet                          Captopril 25mg

Dilapress                                 Tablet                          Carvedilol 6.25mg

Enaril                                       Tablet                          Enalapril 5mg

Neopril                                    Tablet                          Lisinopril 5mg

Primace                                   Capsule                        Ramipril 1.25mg

Prosan                                     Tablet                          Losartan Potassium 25mg

Valcap                                     Capsule                        Valsartan 80mg



Avifanz                                   Tablet                          Efavirenz 600mg

Avifix                                      Tablet                          Nelfinavir 250mg

Avilarn                                    Tablet                          Larnivudine 150mg

Diavix                                     Tablet                          Lamivudine 150mg

Triovix                                     Tablet                          Nevirapine 200mg


Avidro                                     Tablet                          Pizotifen 0.5mg



Sibulin                                     Capsule                        Sibutramine 5mg

Alendon                                  Tablet                          Alendronate Sodium 10mg



Ordel                                       Tablet                          Clopidogrel 75mg



Sensipin                                   Tablet                          Clozapine 25mg




Rostil                                       Tablet                          Mebeverine HCL 135mg

Spanil                                      Tablet                          Hyoscine Butylbromide 10mg

Taverin                                    Tablet                          Drotaverine 40mg



Gastalfet                                 Tablet                          Sucralfate 500mg

Neoceptin R                            Tablet                          Ranifidine 150mg


Syrup                           Ranifidine 75mg/5ml

Neo Kit                                   Tablet                          Clarithromycin 500mg

Capsule                        Omeprazole 20mg

Tablet                          Metronidazole 400mg

Opton                                      Tablet                          Esorneprazole 20mg

Brand name                          Dosage Form            Generic name & strength


Proceptin                                 Capsule                        Omeprazole 20mg

Protolan                                   Capsule                        Lansoprazole 15mg

Yamadin                                 Tablet                          Famotodine 20mg


Asthma Prophylactic

Aeronid                                   Inhaler                         Budesonide 200ug/actuation

Bexitrol‑F                                Inhaler                         Salmeterol 25uglactuation

Decomit                                  Inhaler                         Beclomethasone Dipropionate

Tofen                                       Tablet                          Ketotifen Img

Syrup                           Ketotifen lmg/5ml

Zukast                                     Tablet                          Zafirlukast 20mg

Monocast                                Tablet                          Montelukast 10mg



Azmasol                                  Inhaler                         Salbutarnol 100 ug/actuation

Bexitrol                                   Inhaler                         Salbutarnol 25 ug/actuation

Bronkolax                               Tablet                          Salbutamol 2mg

Syrup                           Salbutarnol 4mg

Larnox LA                              Sustained                     Aminophylline 350 mg

Release Tablet


Calcium Supplement

Aristocal                                  Tablet                          Calcium 500mg

Tripec                                      syrup                            Guaifenesin 100mg

Pseudoephedrine HCL 30mg


Cough Supressant

Dextromethorphan                  Syrup                           Dextromethorphan 10mg/5ml


COX-2 Inhibitor

Cox B                                      Capsule                        Celecoxib 100mg

Recox                                      Tablet                          Rofecoxib, 12.5 mg

V‑Cox                                     Tablet                          Valdecoxib 10mg


Digestive Enzyme

Zymet                                      Tablet                          Pancreatin 325mg



Resitone                                  Tablet                          Spironolactone 50mg



Deflux                                     Tablet                          Domperidone 10mg


Iron Supplement

Aristoferon                              syrup                           Ferrous Sulpahte 200mg/5ml

Aristrofil‑Fe                            Tablet                                            Ferrous Fumarate 308mg

Efol ER                                   Capsule                       Iron 47mg+Folic Acid 500ug

Hefolin SR                              Sustained                    Iron 47mg+Folic Acid 500ug

Released Tablet

Carofol Z                                Capsule                       Carbonyl Iron 50mg, folic acid

Brand name                          Dosage Form            Generic name & strength



Serelose                                   Syrup                           Lactulose 3.35gm/5ml

Frelax                                      Powder for

Solution                       Polyethylene glycol 3350 UNSF

Lipid lowering Agent

Atova                                      Tablet                          Atorvastatin 10mg

Avastin                                    Tablet                          Siravastatin 10mg

Fibril                                        Capsule                       Gemfibrozil 300mg



Spulyt                                      Tablet                          Bromohexine 8mg

Syrup                           Bromohexine l0mg/5ml


Muscle Relaxant

Relentus,                                 Tablet                          Tizanidine 2mg


Nasal Anti-Inflammatory

Decomit Nasal Spray              Spray                           Beclomethasone Dipropionate 50ug


Nasal Decongestant

Nazolin Nasal Spray               Spray                           Oxymetazoline 25ug/actuation


Non-Steroidal Anti Inflammatory Drug

Fenamic                                   Capsule                       Mefenamic; acid 250mg

Nuprafen                                 Tablet                          Naproxen 250mg

Reumafen                                Tablet                          lbuprofen 200mg

Suspension                  Ibuprofen 100mg/5ml

Ultrafen                                   Tablet                          Diclofenac Sodimn 25mg

Suppository                 Diclofenac Sodium 12.5mg

Ultrafen SR                                                                 Sustained  Diclofenac Sodium 25mg

Ultrafen Gel                                                                Released Tablet Gel Diclofenac Sodium 1%

Ultrafen Plus                           Tablet                          Diclofenac Sodium 25mg

Xidolac                                   Tablet                          Ketoprolac 10 mg

Xynofen 100 SR                     Sustained                     Ketoprolac 100 mg

Released Tablet


Ovulatory Stimulant

Fertil                                        Tablet                          Clomiphene Citrate 50mg



Noscab                                    Cream                          Permethrin 5%


Topical Antibiotic

Bumsil                                     Cream                          Silver Sulphadiazine 25g

Furasep                                    Cream                          Nitrofurazone 0.2%

Fusidic Plus                             Ointment                     Sodium Fusidate 2%

Gentosep                                 Cream                          Gentamicin 3mg/gm



Brand name                          Dosage Form            Generic name & strength



Keolax                                     Tablet                          Clobazarn 10mg

Nightus                                    Tablet                          Bromazepam 3mg

Zolax                                       Tablet                          Alprozolam 0.5mg


Urinary Incontinence

Uricon                                     Tablet                          Oxybutycin HCL 5mg



Cerivin                                     Tablet                          Vinpocitine 5mg

Zocil                                        Tablet                          Cilostazol 100mg


Vitamins & Minerals

Aristoplex                                Syrup                           Vitamin B I 5mg, vitamin B2mg

Aristovit‑B                              Tablet                          Vitamin B 15mg, vitamin B2mg

Aristovit‑M                             Tablet                          I I Vitamins, 5 minerals & Iron

Aristovit‑X                              Tablet                          8 Antioxidant Vitamin & minerals

Ascobex                                  Tablet                          Ascorbic Acid 250mg

Avitron ‑V                               Tablet                          Thiamine HCL 100mg

Bextrum.                                 Tablet                          12 Vitamins, 18 minerals & Iron

Bextrurn Gold                         Tablet                          14 Vitamins, 18 minerals & Iron

Formula‑E                               Tablet                          Vitamin E 50mg

Momvit                                    Tablet                          Vitamin A26667 I.U, Vitamin A4001

Ascorbic acid 50 mg

Vivis                                        Capsule                       Vitamin E 30 mg, Vitamin C 60 mg


Zinc Supplement

Zedex DS                                Syrup                           Zinc Sulphate 10mg/5ml



People make a company. BPL’s success is based on attracting, developing and retaining talented and motivated employees. They share both a company’s desire to excel and its commitment to improving the lives of the people. The employees of BPL believe in collaborative spirit. They appreciate that working as a team multiplies the strength of the individuals involved as well as the impact of the results.

Skill acquisition and development for all staff is key to a company’s growth through innovation. In this regard, BPL is always on the look out to identify training needs of their employees in order to enable them to carry out the entrusted responsibilities. Training programs undertaken, not only address skills relating to the specialty of the individuals concerned, but also improving leadership, management and project coordination abilities.

Their purpose is not simply to explore the potential of today’s new technologies but to unleash the creativity in every person engaged with the company. Because BPL believes the real measure of their success is not the power of technology but the power it unleashes in people.

BPL has highly educated white-collar employees comprising of approximately 76% of total BPL’s workforce. Among them are:


It is BPL’s people who make them different from their competitors. the secret of BPL’s success story lies in their people.


ACI Pharmaceuticals

In 1973, the UK based multinational pharmaceutical company, ICI p1c, established a subsidiary in Dhaka, known as ICI Bangladesh Manufacturers Limited. In 1992, ICI plc divested its share to local management, and the company was renamed Advanced Chemical Industries (ACI) Limited

ACI formulates and markets a comprehensive range of more than 120 products covering all major therapeutic areas, which come in tablet, capsule, powder, liquid, cream, ointment, gel and injection forms. ACI also imports products from world-class multinational companies like ASTRAZENECA, UK; ELI LILLY, USA and UCB, BELGIUM and markets world-renowned brands like Diprivan, Fluothane, Nolvadex, Accolate, Meronem, Atarax, Humulin, Ceclor etc. in Bangladesh.

ACI is actively engaged in introducing newer molecules and new drug delivery systems to meet the needs of the future.

ACI introduced the concept of quality management system by being the first company in Bangladesh to achieve ISO 9001 certification in 1995 and follows the policy of continuous improvement in all its operations.

ACI maintains a congenial and supportive relationship with the healthcare community of Bangladesh, with the belief that business excellence can only be achieved through pursuit of quality by understanding, accepting, meeting and exceeding customer expectations.

The management of ACI, a competent team of professionals, thus operates with a progressive attitude to provide effective solutions to satisfy the customers’ needs, through its products and services of uncompromising quality.


Location and area

The pharmaceutical manufacturing plant is located at Narayangarj, by the bank of river Shitolokkhya. It encompasses a land area of 11. 5 acres.


The plant is well designed and well equipped with all latest facilities and state-of-theart technologies. The responsible team of plant workers, supervisors, officers and managers strictly follow cGMP recommended by WHO and In-process Quality control methodology for production and meets all national regulatory requirements.

Medical information update

ACI will shortly introduce a flash mail service and its website updates for the members of medical profession with latest information for their professional practices.

Marketing & Sales

Under the leadership of the business head, Chief Operating Officer Mr. M Mohibuz Zaman, this highly skilled and motivated team of professionals is dedicated in formulating effective strategies to meet the challenges in the ever-changing market, developing new products tailored to satisfy the customers current needs, exploring new opportunities in both home and abroad, and working for consistent growth and increased market share for ACI.

Product Development

This creative team of professionals is engaged in developing new formulations and dosage forms with competitive advantages and strong product differentiation.


This highly skilled team is dedicated in producing products with consistent quality under clearly defined Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) in compliance with the procedures and instructions of ISO 9001 quality system.

Quality Assurance

This dedicated team plays the vigilant role of controlling, ensuring and maintaining the consistent quality of products for which ACI is so well recognized.


Domestic market

Being a developing country, the pharmaceutical market and at the same time, the pharmaceutical industry of Bangladesh is growing. In this growing market, ACI has been able maintain its growth above the market growth through its innovative marketing strategies as well as products and services of uncompromising quality.

In Bangladesh, ACI introduced the concept of quality management system by being the first company in Bangladesh to achieve ISO 9001 certification that reflects its commitment to quality in every aspect of business.

ACI covers the health care community of whole Bangladesh based in both urban and rural markets through its 18 strategically located depots.

International market

To fuel the continuous growth of ACI, the company has started exploring international markets. The quality of ACI products, strengthened by its ISO 9001 certification, has brought immediate success in Sri Lanka, Yemen and Myanmar.


Scientific seminars

ACI frequently arranges seminars and symposia covering a wide range of medical topics attended by members of health care community. The faculty of these programs usually consist of both reputed medical experts and experts from marketing team of ACI and its international principals.

Continuing medical education of physicians and surgeons

ACI regularly arranges CME programs of both physicians and surgeons all over the country. These programs cover medical problems frequently faced by the practitioners, update their knowledge, and make them aware of the new therapies and medical technologies.

Responding to doctors’ queries

It is the most regularly performed task of the marketing team of ACI. The company has developed a postage paid business reply card attached to every literature in which the doctors usually send their queries. ACI tries to provide a comprehensive answer to the queries of the physicians covering all the details.

Medical illustration and audiovisual aids

ACI is ready to assist in preparing presentation packages including computer slides, transparencies and printed text whenever medical experts wish to share their experiences and results of their research with the health care community.

Reprint services

ACI provides the doctors with reprints of selected publications on topics that can assist the doctors in their professional practices.



As a global industry leader we seek to conquer and prevent disease by bringing to market innovative pharmaceuticals, vaccines, therapeutic proteins and diagnostics. Aventis pharma was created as a part of the 1999 business combination of Hoechst and Rhone-Poulenc to form Aventis SA, one of the world’s leading life sciences companies. Aventis Pharma concentrates its efforts on strategic brands that meet growing patient needs and contribute to a long-term sales growth. With 2001 sales of 15.168 billion euro (excluding sales of diagnostics), Aventis Pharma contributes three-quarters of the life sciences sales of Aventis SA. The Aventis Pharma prescription drug business is investing about 2.98 billion euro a year in Drug Innovation and Approval,one of the industry’s largest R&D budgets.

Aventis Values

q  Respect for people

q  Integrity

q  Sense of urgency

q  Networking

q  Creativity

q  Empowerment

q  Courage

Therapeutic developments and clinical trials have brought innovation and resulted in medicines that can benefit patients in many key therapeutic areas. Through its investments Aventis pharma is well positioned to meet the growing needs of patients in Bangladesh.


The ACME Laboratories Ltd.

Company History

The history of The ACME Laboratories Ltd. dates back to 1954 when a proprietorship firm was founded to manufacture ethical drugs. It started with the modest introduction of a few oral liquid products. The late Hamidur Rahman Sinha was the founder of the firm and was the main visionary of the organization until his sad demise in 1994.

The firm was converted into a private Limited company in the year 1976. Commercial operation at the modernized plant equipped with sophisticated and advanced facilities began toward the end of 1983. Many challenges were overcome successfully to transform the company from a small unit to what it is today.

ACME continuously seeks to expand its production facilities, add employees and increase its sales and marketing efforts. According to the latest statistics, out of about 300 pharmaceutical companies in the country, The ACME Labs is one of the top four. ACME has also endeavored to strengthen its network in international marketing operations to export its products abroad. We are optimistic about our continued growth and success. Over the years our high achievement drive, our hard working and competent staff and confidence in our quality products have contributed to our growth. We have clear goals that inspire us and we believe to be possible for us to reach. We continuously strive to reach our goal of being the best in our field, which indeed is what ACME literally stands for.

Corporate Philosophy

The basic philosophy of ACME is to ensure Health, Vigor and Happiness for mankind by producing ethical drugs and medicines of the highest quality at affordable prices, and reaching out even to the most remote areas by proper and prompt distribution. We view ourselves as partners with doctors, our customers, our employees and our environment.

The Plant

ACME’s modernized plant is located at Dhamrai, about 40 kin N.W. of Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. While designing and constructing the plant, proper attention was paid to the latest concepts of cross contamination, high efficacy of air circulation handling, particle free finishes, equipment layout, process flow, hygiene and safety, Special care has also been given in selecting machinery and laboratory instruments. The plant has the most sophisticated imported machinery and equipment. ACME’s plant is a testimony to its basic commitment for manufacturing the highest standard of ethical drugs.

Quality Assurance

Acme’s stated belief that, “No compromise on quality can be made in a business that involves human lives,” is the cornerstone of the company’s Quality Assurance program.

The Company has adopted ISO-9001 and WHO CGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Process) Standards and has been accredited with ISO-9001 certification in 1999. The entire manufacturing procedure, starting with the incoming raw materials, through stringent intermediate manufacturing process and packaging of products, to the dispatching of finished goods, requires that analysts, pharmacists and instructors monitor and control each step. Even after the release of finished goods, the quality control lab tracks post-distribution spot checks of all batches.

Acme’s Quality Assurance Department is equipped with the most modem instruments and is staffed with well trained and qualified personnel. All procedures for testing, sampling and inspecting are clearly approved, implemented and documented. All instruments are regularly calibrated and processes, machinery and premises validated. Through training programs (in-house and abroad), the key personnel of the company remain abreast of the latest concepts of Quality Assurance.

Research and Development

For a pharmaceutical company, Research and Development (R&D) is the indispensable component needed to ensure steady growth and improvement. Since the day it was founded, Acme has stepped up to the challenge to develop new and effective drugs to compete with other manufacturers. Acme’s R&D team comprises keen and dedicated individuals from a wide range of disciplines. The team is currently guided by the Deputy Managing Director Dr. Jabilur Rahman Sinha Ph.D. who obtained his Doctorate in Organic Medicinal Chemistry from Georgia University in the United States. The Research and Development department is currently active in evolving formulations for herbal medicines in collaboration with its United States counterparts.


Square pharmaceuticals limited

Year of Establishment



q  Formulation products (241 dosage forms of 130 brands covering 35 therapeutic categories)

q  Veterinary Products (Veterinary and Nutrition products).

q  Active pharmaceuticals ingredients (API) (compacted and micronized)

Market share and facilities

q  SQUARE posted a business turnover over US$ 62 million, (Taka 359 crore) in the fiscal year July 01 to June’ 02

           Source: Bangladesh Pharmaceutical Index, 2nd Quarter 2002.

q  Overall share of 15.27% of the total pharmaceutical market of Bangladesh

            Source: Bangladesh Pharmaceutical Index, 2nd Quarter 2002

q  Above average growth rate in the pharmaceutical industry

q  Leader of in the Pharmaceutical market of Bangladesh among all national and multinational companies from 1985 onwards.

Manufacturing facilities

q  Formulation Plant (I)

q  Formulation Plant (II)

q  Bulk Chemical Plant (III)


q  A well-structured and indomitable pharmaceutical marketing network in Bangladesh.

q  The Marketing Division has in excess of 1000 personnel.

q  More than 500 Medical Representatives.

q  Product Management Department is run by more than 25 brand Executives from different disciplines (MBA’s, Medical Doctors, and Graduate Pharmacists).

q  Medical Services Department has a collection of graduate doctors for interacting with target medical professionals.

q  Market Research Department is well developed and is run by MR professionals.


q  A robust distribution network spread throughout the country

q  A Central Depot

q  Eleven distribution centers

q  Targeting retailers, wholesalers, institutions and Organizations

q  Efficient computerized network system connects each distribution center with headquarters and factories to ensure smooth functioning and supply


Range of Products

Range of products here represents different types of items of products. The pharmaceutical companies divide their medicines into three categories- infusions, formulations and pharmaceuticals. The total number of products Beximco has is 180, whereas Square has about 300 types of products within their medicine range. Therefore, Square is occupying the leading position in producing the widest range of products. Incepta, is currently marketing about 137 products. Aventis holds the fourth position. ACI formulates and markets a comprehensive range of more than 120 products covering all major therapeutic areas, which come in tablet, capsule, powder, liquid, cream, ointment, gel and injection forms. Acme and Opsonin have the lowest range of products compared to the above-mentioned companies.

Figure 03: Range of products

The survey results, as depicted in the above figure, more or less reflect the reality. However, it fails to show the huge gap in the product range between Beximco and Square. According to the doctors, the difference between the product range of the two companies is narrower. The other bar in the figure above mostly represent Incepta which has the third largest product range. The smallest bars in the figure perfectly depicts the lowest range of products of Opsonin and ACME.

Product Quality


The quality of any product includes everything associated with it, ranging from the raw materials to the effectiveness when consumed. Doctors usually emphasizes on less side effects, less frequency of administration and quick and effective therapeutic response when referring to product quality. However, it has been found that doctors give much more emphasis on quick therapeutic response rather than effective therapeutic response. This is because sometimes effective therapeutic dosage may cause delay in recovery and patients switch to other doctors. Therefore, doctors have to prescribe drugs which would lead to quick recovery. According to the opinion of the physicians, Square has the leading position (Figure 04).

Figure 04: Product Quality

Beximco holds the second position. Aventis and ACI also have good positions in terms of quality perception. This due to the fact that some their products are imported from abroad. Moreover the imported medicines have very few alternatives in the local market. Acme and Opinion medicines are not rated high in terms of quality.


It may be said that 22% respondents believe that Beximco’s products provide quick recovery.


Product Presentation


The product presentation of any product includes everything associated with it, ranging from the color to the design. It has been found that the companies can even charge a high price if their product presentation is good even if it is of the same quality as the others.

According to the physician’s opinion (Figure 05), Square has the leading position in terms of product presentation. Aventis and ACI also have good positions in terms of product presentation. This is  due to the fact that some their products are imported from abroad. Moreover the imported medicines have very few alternatives in the local market. Beximco’s competitive position is not quite good in terms of product presentation. Acme  and Opinion medicines are not rated high.

Introduction of New Products

New generation drugs always attracts doctors. Sometimes even if a drug with the same therapeutic value is there in the market, a new drug launched takes a huge percentage of the market share of the older one. As for example, NeoceptineR was a market leader once. When Neotack entered the market, the market share of NeoceptineR fell dramatically due to doctors liking new generation drugs.


In fact, because of this,  the pharmaceutical companies frequently arrange seminars and symposia covering a wide range of medical topics attended by members of health care community. The faculty of these programs usually consist of both reputed medical experts and experts from marketing team of the company.


According to the physician’s opinion (Table 01  ), Square has the leading position in the frequency of introducing new drugs.




Company % of Response
Beximco 22
Square 23
ACI 16
Opsonin 5
Aventis 17
Others 11

Table  01: Introduction of new products

Beximco holds the second position. Aventis and ACI also have good positions. Incepta is increasingly moving towards introducing new products. According to the doctor’s opinion,  ACME and Opinion are least proactive in introducing new drugs.


In the pharmaceuticals market of Bangladesh, there is not much price differentiation, in general, among the different companies due to the highly competitive nature of the industry. Whatever price differentiation is there, it is between the multinationals and the national companies. It is due to the fact that the multinationals charge a premium price for their product.


Moreover, price is not a very important factor due to the nature of the product. Quality is more important. However, the purchasing capacity of the patients is also an important consideration. Therefore, it is important for the companies to charge a reasonable price for their product.


According the survey, most of the doctors perceive Beximco as offering reasonable pricing for their product (Figure 06). It may be due to the fact that Beximco has recently come up with a very competitive price for some of its key products. Square hold the second position. Whereas, the others are not perceived to be providing reasonable prices given the quality of their products.


In the pharmaceuticals market, distribution is very important. Having made all decisions of marketing properly, a company will not be successful if it cannot distribute its products well.


According to the physicians, Square has the strongest distribution among all the companies (Figure 07). With its eleven distribution centers, it maintains a proper distribution of drugs in the chemist shops all through the country. Beximco holds the second position. Aventis maintains a moderate network. While companies like Opsonin, ACME and ACI are not perceived to have a good distribution. It may be due to the fact that these companies targets different pockets of the whole market.

Medical Representatives

Company representatives have a major role to play in the sale of drugs. This is because a good representative can create a favorable impression of the company on the doctors. When the doctors prescribe a drug, they, in turn, are influenced by this impression. However, to create an impression, the medical representatives must be both knowledgeable and able to provide prompt service.

According to the doctor’s opinion (Figure 08), Beximco’s Medical Representatives offers the most prompt service. Square’s Medical Representatives also maintains a good reputation in serving doctors. Incepta’s medical representatives seems to have created a good impression of themselves as being efficient in providing service.


According to the doctor’s opinion, the Medical Representatives of Aventis are considered to be the most knowledgeable. The Medical representatives of Square and Beximco are also good in detailing to doctors. ACI is in the fourth position under the same categorization.


Due to high competition in the industry among the different players in the market, aggressive marketing have been adopted by the different companies. In this regard, promotion has become a useful tool to fight competition. Moreover, promotional materials of companies have an impact on doctor’s prescribing medicine. Therefore, different companies have set out different promotional tools to increase market share.

Medical Newsletters

The Medical Newsletter is a compilation of latest information gathered from articles published in different national and international journals covering all disciplines of medical science. These selected publications are on topics that can assist the doctors in their professional practices. These newsletters create a good impression of the company and has an impact on the prescription of the drugs.


According to the physicians, Square has the leading position in the frequency of publishing Medical Newsletters. Beximco holds the second position. Aventis and Incepta also have good positions in terms of publishing Medical Newsletters.

Printed Promotional Materials

Different types of printed promotional materials are used by the pharmaceuticals companies. They include booklets on disease and brands, stickers for display ,etc. According to the doctors (Figure 11), the printed promotional materials provided by Aventis Pharma are most attractive both in terms of design and information, in comparison to the other pharmaceutical companies. Being a foreign-based company, it has to maintain a global standard and therefore is more acceptable to doctors.


Square and Beximco also maintains a good standard in their promotional materials. Incepta is increasingly moving towards improving their printed materials and they also have a good distribution network. Acme comes fifth. Doctors hardly receive any printed promotional materials from ACI but when they do it is of average standard. Incase of Opsonin, though they do receive materials from them, it is not of high standard.


The different types of gifts, in use, by the pharmaceutical companies include writing pads, pens, calendars, bags, etc. According to the doctors, the most attractive gifts are provided by Incepta Pharmaceuticals.

Square and Aventis also maintains a good standard in their gift materials. Beximco is in the fourth position under the same categorization. Sequentially, Acme comes fifth. Doctors receive gifts from ACI and Opinion, once in a while and they give the least attractive gifts.

Physician Samples

All the pharmaceutical companies provide samples of new medicine or medicines that they want to increase sales to doctors from time to time.


According to the doctor’s opinion, the company that provides the most adequate physician sample is Square, in comparison to the other pharmaceutical companies. Beximco is in the second position with 22 % and ACME is in the third position with 19% under the same categorization.

Image Analysis

Even when competing offers look the same, buyers may perceive a difference based on company or brand image. Image includes a set of associations ranging from the brand name, product performance, reliability, features, benefits, doctor’s preferences and the corporate image. Within the pharmaceutical industry, it can be observed that all the companies offer more or less the same types of medicines. Even at times, the names of the products are quite similar to each other. So if Beximco Pharmaceuticals wants its consumer to perceive the difference between them and others it must strengthen its image. The brand image should convey the product’ distinctive benefits and positioning.


Survey reveals that the overall image of Beximco is average. When doctors were asked to rank the companies on the basis of their overall image, the responses varied. To make sense out the raw data collected while interviewing the doctors, the response has been shown graphically down here:


Square Pharmaceuticals holds the leading position in terms of overall image (Figure 14 ). This may be due to the fact that Square has created goodwill in the industry. Even in this survey, it’s image is superior in product quality, presentation, availability and provision of information- factors (Figure 15 ) which the doctors thought were most critical in evaluating the performance of pharmaceutical companies. Beximco holds the second position. Beximco Pharmaceuticals Limited has sustained a good image from the time it started its operation, but to reach the top position in terms of overall image, it has to emphasis more on the quality, availability and presentation aspects of their product.

Aventis grew as a company after acquiring Fisons and Hoechst and as a result, their image is quite positive. It has been helped by the fact that it is a multinational which by itself creates a goodwill. The information they supply is not adequate. Acme is performing moderate in terms of image. Opinion’s image has not been a good one as they had targeted the rural areas at the beginning. ACI’s image has declined in the recent years.

Summary of Findings

  1. Beximco Pharmaceuticals Ltd (BPL) has an adequate product range. It also has a good position in terms of quality perception, most of the doctors believe that Beximco’s products ensure rapid recovery. However, BPL’s product presentation is below par. The doctors are also of the opinion that Beximco come up with new products in reasonably short periods of time.
  2. BPL has formed a positive image among the doctors that it offers its products in reasonable price.
  3. Doctors are of the opinion that Beximco has a moderate distribution network.
  4. Although BPL’s medical representatives provide prompt service , they are not quite knowledgeable.
  5. The Printed promotional materials provided by Beximco Pharmaceuticals Limited is not quite attractive as Square and Aventis. Frequency of distribution of medical newsletters is moderate.  The physicians are not satisfied with the gifts provided by BPL. They also feel that, not adequate sample is provided to them by the Medical representatives of Beximco Pharmaceuticals Limited. Moreover, the expensive medicines are not provided as samples at all.




Beximco Pharmaceuticals Limited should increase its product variety. Product variety represents different types of items of medicines. At present, Beximco offers around 180 different types of medicine. Some other companies are offering more than this. BPL can diversify itself from others by operating in highly specialized segments such as anti cancer segments.


Introduction of new products to doctors is vital because it can enhance the image of the company. It is always a good idea to find a gap to introduce a new item. Beximco can locate the products areas where there are less number of alternatives and also higher amounts of requirements.


BPL’s promotion is quite weak. They should provide more product samples gifts to the doctors to increase their image among them.


Doctors should be informed previously that new medicines are coming up and will be offered within two or three months. Thus the doctors can perceive an insight about the new Beximco’s medicines as an alternative of competitor’s existing items and Beximco pharma can gain good rapport with the doctors.


BPL’s distribution is quite weak. Steps must be taken to strengthen the distribution network. This will require more effort on the part of the medical representatives.


Pharmaceutical direct-to-physician marketing efforts have typically been isolated from other customer-centric activities, including those conducted by field sales forces. A dis-jointed relationship exists between pharmaceutical sales teams and direct-to-physician marketing. While the pharmaceutical industry has made significant investments in direct-to-physician promotions, the sales force is generally uninformed about their timing or end results. BPL should enhance their ability to link home office conducted marketing campaigns with field force activities through information, software, and service solutions to make these efforts more coordinated and therefore more effective.


Direct to consumer (DTC) essentially means any campaign or communication programme intended for and targeted to consumers – the primary end users of a product. In relation to pharmaceutical products, the consumers may be patients, friends or family members, caregivers or the general public.


The strict regulations that have governed the communication of information about prescription medicines in Bangladesh meant that the primary marketing focus has been on the people who actually make prescribing decisions; the doctors.


These include the impact of communication to consumers via the internet, patient education, word of mouth or use of editorial space or air time in print and broadcast media.


More than ever before patients are getting involved in making their own healthcare decisions. The growth in over-the-counter drugs and the dissemination of information on the world wide web and in consumer magazines have all contributed to a thirst for information. Beximco Pharmaceutical Limited can make an advantage of this and bring about some changes to fulfill these needs and as result it will enhance the image of the company.


Direct to consumer (DTC) advertising is thought to enhance competition between brands, which can lead to improved quality and lower prices for consumers but, most importantly, it can improve public health.


In today’s competitive environment, pharmaceutical companies are demanding much greater coordination from promotional activities to physician customers. By conducting image analysis, it can help pharmaceutical companies better target and segment customers, select the proper combination of marketing channels, and precisely measure the impact of promotional programs.


There are about 300 companies operating in the Bangladesh Pharmaceuticals industry. The market is highly competitive and it really hard to get response from the market.


Pharmaceutical Industry has grown in Bangladesh in the last two decades at a considerable rate. Its healthy growth supports development of auxiliary industries for producing glass bottles, plastic containers, aluminum collapsible tubes, aluminum PP caps, infusion sets, disposable syringes, and corrugated cartons. Some of these products are also being exported. Printing and packaging industries and even the advertising agencies consider pharmaceutical industry as their major clients and a key driving force for their growth.


The annual per capita drug consumption in Bangladesh is one of the lowest in the world. However, the industry has been a key contributor to the Bangladesh economy since independence. With the development of healthcare infrastructure and increase of health awareness and the purchasing capacity of people, this industry is expected to grow at a higher rate in future. Healthy growth is likely to encourage the pharmaceutical companies to introduce newer drugs and newer research products, while at the same time maintaining a healthy competitiveness in respect of the most essential drugs.