A Case Study of Healthcare Pharmaceuticals Limited



1.   Quantitative analysis of pharmaceuticals business in Bangladesh and Healthcare Pharmaceuticals Limited

  • The growth of total Pharmaceutical markets in Bangladesh.
  • The impact of growth in the development of auxiliary industries.
  • The opportunity to improve the employment situation in Bangladesh.
2.To find out prospect of pharmaceutical business in Bangladesh
3.To investigate the contribution of pharmaceuticals marketing towards raising the standard of healthcare.

 4.   To find out the economic impact of international marketing in our country of pharmaceutical products.

Research Methodology

vPrimary data of Healthcare Pharmaceuticals business was collected from the database software designed and developed by the company with the aid of a software development organization; Millennium Information Solution Ltd.
vThe yearly cumulative sales data for consecutive years was collected from IMS Health (NYSE: RX) is the world’s leading provider of market intelligence to the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries.
vThe report of prescription survey was collected from renowned prescription Survey Company 4P Marketing Limited.
vThe collected data was analyzed by using various statistical measurements.


•Code of Pharmaceutical Marketing Practices
•Healthcare Pharmaceuticals Limited
•4P Marketing Limited

Code of Pharmaceutical Marketing Practices

•Definitions of Certain Terms
•Product Licence
•Nature & Availability of Information
•Claims & Comparisons
•Disparaging References
•Printed Promotional Materials
•References to Official Bodies
•Art work, Graphs, Illustrations etc.
•Reprint, Abstracts and Quotations
•Distribution of Printed Promotional Material
•Audio-Visual Material
•Material Reproduced on Television, Apparatus, Visual Display and the Like
•Certification of Printed Promotional Material
•Suspension of Advertisements or Practices
•Medical Representatives
•Gifts and Inducements
•Marketing Research
•Relations with the General Public and Lay Communication Media
•Interpretation and Implementation
•Operative Date

Healthcare Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

  • vCompany Profile
  • vProducts
  • vGenesis
  • vAcknowledgement
  • vQuality Management System
  • vDistribution
  • vPartnering


IMS is the leading global provider of market intelligence to the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries.
  • Pharmaceutical Audit:
  • These audits measure the sale of pharmaceutical products into pharmacies, supplemented in some countries by data collected from dispensing physicians, retail chains, and discount stores.
  • These audits contain data projected to national estimates, showing product sales by therapeutic class broken down by package size and dosage form.
  • IMS publish pharmaceutical audits covering approximately 80 countries.


4P Marketing Limited

4P Marketing Limited is the national provider of market intelligence to the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. It provides prescription survey of national pharmaceutical company.

Audit Technique:

Audit Point  : Retail Pharmacy Outlets

Coverage/Market  : An average of top 9 selling outlets

Interception  : During purchase on exit

Data recording   : Mostly for prescription which are         purchased

Working hour  : Morning: 9.30am – 12.30pm (3 Hours)

Evening: 4.30pm – 8.30pm (4 Hours)

Total Coverage  : 201,495 products from about 5000        retail outlets.



Top 10 selling companies in 2008



•Bangladesh Association of Pharmaceutical Industries (BAPI) was established in 1972 with 33 member pharmaceutical companies. Today, BAPI has as many as 250 pharmaceutical companies as its members.
•In 2002, the total size of the pharma market of Bangladesh was estimated to be Tk. 364 Crore which is now about Tk. 4701 Crore.
•With an annual growth rate of 15%, Bangladesh pharmaceutical industry is now heading towards self-sufficiency in meeting the local demand.
•There are about 1000 generics/substances registered in Bangladesh. The total number of brands/ items that are registered in Bangladesh is currently estimated to be 18,500 while the total number of dosage forms and strengths are 25,300.

Total Pharma Market

•99% of the total demand of Bangladesh is being met by local manufacturing.
•In the year 2005 went to open the door to “Enormous Export Opportunities” for Bangladesh Pharmaceutical Sector. Bangladesh was allowed to manufacture and export patented drugs to 48 Least Developed Countries (LDC) of the world.
•Among all 49 LDC’s Bangladesh is the only country which has a strong base in Pharmaceuticals. The Country can fetch as much as 1000 billion US Dollar by exporting pharmaceutical products.
•Bangladesh is now on the verge of entering highly regulated overseas markets like USA and Europe.

Healthcare Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

•Healthcare Pharmaceuticals Limited was ranked 16 as per the IMS 1Q, 2009 data. Healthcare enjoyed 1.61% share of total sales in 2008.
•The yearly sales growth of Healthcare Pharmaceuticals was 79%, 45% and 15% respectively in 2006, 2007 and 2008.
•Among the 6o brands of Healthcare top 20 brands enjoy almost 77% of total sales.
•From the prescription survey of 4P it was observed that the prescription share of Healthcare Pharmaceuticals Limited was decreased from June 2009 to August 2009 at a remarkable rate.
•Healthcare Pharmaceuticals Limited has 1000 employees altogether which surely contributed to national economy of Bangladesh.


•The number of products added to the existing of 2007 was not significant which may contribute to the lower growth in 2008.
•Healthcare Pharmaceuticals should consider the new addition of number of products in 2009 and strong promotional focus towards doctors which may bring an appreciable growth in the next year.


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