Manarat International University (MIU)


Tuition Fees, Other Charges & Waiver

Tuition Fees & Waiver

MIU offers a financial aid whose objective is to provide monetary assistance to students who show very good or excellent academic competence but are in dire financial needs. The Financial Aid Committee scrutinizes the applications of all candidates seeking financial aid and recommends the name of those students who are eligible for full or partial grant based on their respective merit. Important cardinals in eligibility assessment will be GPA, activities for scholarly work and student’s financial background.

Departmental courses, Credits and Tuition Fees:

As MIU is situated in its own campus and building, it does not have to pay huge rent that almost all the private universities do for their rented buildings. Consequently, as a matter of fact, MIU can offer more facilities at reasonable tuition fees. Fee Structure at MIU is almost half of those of many established neighboring private universities.


DepartmentTotal CreditsAdmission Fee (TK)Semester ChargesTuition Fees (Per Credit)Total Fees (Tk)
 Core GED
BBA 130 12000 4000 2300 1300 335,000
B.Sc in CSE 137 12000 4000 2300 1300 351,100
B.Sc in EEE 147 12000 4000 2500 1300 398,700
Bachelor of Pharmacy 167 12000 6000 2500 1300 448,700
BA (Hons) in English 126 12000 4000 1300 1300 223,800
LL.B.(Hons.)144 12000 4000 1400 1300 259,200
Bachelor of Journalism & Media Studies135 12000 4000 2000 1300 313,200
MBA    39 12000 4000 2300 —— 113,700 
 48 12000 40002300——138,400
 60 12000 40002300—–170,000
MA in English    3312000 4000 1500 ——   73,500
 45 12000 4000 1500 —— 95,500
 54 12000 4000 1500 —— 113,000

*** Note: 20% waiver for the first batch students of Bachelor of Journalism & Media Studies and total fee is fixed at Tk. 2,62,560.

Waiver for Undergraduate ProgramsBecause of high tuition fee structure, education of most of the private universities is beyond the reach of common people. In this situation, many poor but meritorious students cannot go for higher studies. Considering the fact, MIU has provisions for tuition fee concessions from 10% to 100% on the basis of academic result and financial position. MIU authority, following the rules set by University Grant Commission (UGC), offers tuition fee concession to poor and meritorious students. MIU authority also provides part-time job facilities to the deserving students.
*Criteria for Tuition Fee Waiver Based on SSC & HSC Results:

GPA in SSC + HSC or Equivalent Exams (without 4th Subject)Tuition Fee WaiverRequired CGPA at MIU
GPA 10.00100%3.60
9.00 – 9.9950%3.50
8.00 – 8.9925%3.40
7.00 – 7.9910%3.20


Criteria for Scholarship Based on Semester Results (SGPA):

Tuition Fee Scholarship from 2nd Semester% of Total Registered Students Eligible for ScholarshipConditions
  • Top 20% students based on Semester Grade Point Average (SGPA) will be eligible for 10% – 100% scholarship.
  • Minimum required SGPA is 3.50.
  • If SGPA is equal/same, then CGPA will be considered. If CGPA is also equal/same, the SSC & HSC GPA will be counted.


Special Waiver only for new students (meritorious but from low income group):

GPA in SSC + HSC or Equivalent Exams (without 4th Subject)Tuition Fee WaiverRequired CGPA at MIU
9.00 – 10.0075% / 100%3.40
8.00 – 8.9940% / 50%3.30
7.00 – 7.9915% / 25%3.20
  • Maximum 20% of the total new enrolled students of the respective semester are entitled for Special Waiver who are meritorious but from low income group.
  • A student failing to avail special waiver owing to not securing necessary CGPA at MIU will be automatically eligible for the succeeding lower slabs depending on his/her acquired CGPA.
  • The students need to apply for Special Waiver in prescribed form along with an income certificate of the parents/guardians attested by 1st class gazetted officer/teacher of any public university/UP Chairman/Ward Councilor.
  • Students having their parents/guardians income not more than Tk. 2,00,000/- per year are eligible to apply for Special Waiver.


  • Scholarship, Waiver based on SSC & HSC/ equivalent results, and Special Waiver shall remain valid for 4 years/entire program subject to maintaining required SGPA/CGPA at MIU with minimum 9 credit courses per semester (15 credit for B.Pharm).
  • 20% special waiver for sibling, spouse (husband-wife), and parent-children will be given.
  • A student may avail only one type of waiver/scholarship at a time from the above categories whichever is maximum for him/her.
  • Waiver/scholarship will not be applicable for retake/improvement courses.
  • Any student enjoying scholarships must obey the rules & regulations of MIU, failing which may result in the cancellation of his/her scholarships.
  • In case of Special Waiver, the authority of MIU reserves the right to change the policy time to time for the greater interest of the University.