Sylhet International University

RAB 8 Barisal

Sylhet International University

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Established: 2001

Vice Chancellor: Prof. Syed Akmal Mahmood

Total Departments: 12

Total Hostels and Dormitories: 310

Number of Teachers: 82

Number of Students: 1661


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The university offers the following programmes:

  1. Bachelor of Business Administration
  2. Master of Business Administration (Executive and regular)
  3. Bachelor of Science in Computer Science & Engineering (CSE)
  4. Bachelor of Science in Electronics & Communication Engineering (executive and undergraduate)
  5. Bachelor of Arts in English
  6. Bachelor of Law (L.L.B Hons)
  7. Evening program
  8. Bachelor of Law (L.L.B pass course)
  9. Pharmacy (will start from next semester)
  10. Islamic studies (will start from next semester)
  11. B.Ed. (will start from next semester)
  12. Economics (will start from next semester)
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Sylhet International University

Phone: 0821- 720771, 717193, 0172045330
Fax: +88-0821-725644