Stamford University Bangladesh

RAB 8 Barisal

Stamford University Bangladesh

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Established: 2002

Total Departments: 26


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There are several Department of this University. That’s:

i.                     Department of English

ii.                   Department of Computer Science

iii.                  Department of Business Administration

iv.                 Department of Law

v.                   Department of Pharmacy

vi.                 Department of Microbiology

vii.                Department of Environmental Science

viii.              Department of Environmental Science

ix.                 Department of Civil Engineering

x.                   Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

xi.                 Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

xii.                Department of Architecture

xiii.              Department of Film and Media

xiv.              Department of Economics

xv.               Department of Journalism & Media Studies

xvi.              Department of Public Administration

xvii.            Department of Fashion and Design (Upcoming)

xviii.           Department of Photography (Upcoming)

xix.              Department of Dance (Upcoming)

xx.               Department of Theater Studies (Upcoming)

xxi.              Department of Mechanical Engineering (Upcoming)

xxii.            Department of Materials and Metallurgical Engineering (Upcoming)

xxiii.           Department of Chemical Engineering (Upcoming)

xxiv.          Department of Interior Design (Upcoming)

xxv.            Department of Nutrition and Food Science (Upcoming)

xxvi.          Department of Nutrition and Food Science (Upcoming)

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Stamford University Bangladesh

Head Office

744, Satmosjid Road, Dhanmondi
Dhaka-1209, Bangladesh

Siddeswari Campus

51, Siddeswari Road, Dhaka-1217, Bangladesh.

Head Office

Tel: 8153168-69, 8156122-23, 8155834
Fax: 880-2-9143531

Siddeswari Campus

Tel: 8355512-14, 8354577, 9355967, 8355626