Islamic University of Bangladesh

RAB 8 Barisal


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Vice Chancellor: Professor Dr. M. Alauddin

Total Faculties: 05

Total Departments: 20


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Faculty of Theology and Islamic Studies:

  1. Department of Al-Quran and Islamic Studies
  2. Department of Dawah and Islamic Studies
  3. Department of Al-Hadait and Islamic Studies

Faculty of Humanities and Social Science:

  1. Department of Economics
  2. Department of Arabic Language and Literature
  3. Department of Bengali
  4. Department of English
  5. Department of Politics and Public Administration

Faculty of Law and Shariah:

  1. Department of Law and Muslim Jurisprudence
  2. Department of Al-Fiqh

Faculty of Business Administration:

  1. Department of Accounting and Information Ssystem
  2. Department of Management
  3. Department of Finance and Banking

Faculty of Applied Science and Technology:

  1. Department of App. Physics, Electronics & Comm. Engineering
  2. Department of Applied Chemistry and Chemical Technoology
  3. Department of Computer Science and Engineering
  4. Department of Information and Communication Engineering
  5. Department of Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering
  6. Department of Applied Nutrition and Food Technology
  7. Department of Mathematics
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Islamic University of Bangladesh

Kushtia: (071)62201-6, 62005-6, 62008

Jhenidah: (0451)      89004,    89005

Fax: +88-071-62399

Post Code: 7003