Bangladesh Agricultural University

RAB 8 Barisal

Bangladesh Agricultural University

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Established: 1961

Vice Chancellor: Professor Dr. Md Abdus Sattar Mondal

Total Faculties: 06

Number of Students: Only Graduates is 5001


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Faculty of Veterinary Science :

  1. Department of Anatomy and Histology
  2. Department of Physiology
  3. Department of Pharmacology
  4. Department of Parasitology
  5. Department of Pathology
  6. Department of Medicine
  7. Department of Surgery and Obstetrics
  8. Department of Microbiology and Hygiene

Faculty of Agriculture :

  1. Department of Agronomy
  2. Department of Soil Science
  3. Department of Entomology
  4. Department of Horticulture
  5. Department of Plant Pathology
  6. Department of Crop Botany
  7. Department of Genetics and Plant Breeding
  8. Department of Agricultural Extension Education
  9. Department of Agricultural Chemistry
  10. Department of Biochemistry
  11. Department of Physics
  12. Department of Chemistry
  13. Department of Languages
  14. Department of Agroforestry
  15. Department of Biotechnology
  16. Department of Environmental Science

Faculty of Animal Husbandry :

  1. Department of Animal Breeding and Genetics
  2. Department of Animal Science
  3. Department of Animal Nutrition
  4. Department of Poultry Science
  5. Department of Dairy Science

Faculty of Agricultural Economics & Rural Sociology :

  1. Department of Agricultural Economics
  2. Department of Agricultural Finance
  3. Department of Agricultural Statistics
  4. Department of Agribusiness and Marketing
  5. Department of Rural Sociology

Faculty of Agricultural Engineering and Technology :

  1. Department of Farm Structure
  2. Department of Farm Power and Machinery
  3. Department of Irrigation and Water Management
  4. Department of Food Technology and Rural Industries
  5. Department of Computer Science and Mathematics

Faculty of Fisheries :

  1. Department of Fisheries Biology and Genetics
  2. Department of Aquaculture
  3. Department of Fisheries Management
  4. Department of Fisheries Technology
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Bangladesh Agricultural University